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Google Analytics not installed properly

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  • Google Analytics not installed properly


    I am having problems getting data to my analytics account. When I use the google tag assistant to analyse the install it gave me a few error. One was that the code was outside of the Head tag. So I moved the <mvt:item name="ga_tracking" /> from the footer to head tag and the error disappeared.

    There is 1 more error

    I get the error "No HTTP response detected"

    From the help file this is what it means
    Missing HTTP Response Missing HTTP Response denotes that, while the Google Analytics code was detected in the page source, the script itself did not execute. Each time the Google Analytics script executes, we expect an HTTP Response carrying the tracking request to Google’s servers.
    This means that the Google Analytics code is not implemented properly on the page and no data will be collected.
    Recommended Action: Reinstall the Google Analytics snippet by removing the current iteration, copy a new version from the Analytics interface, and insert that version into the site.

    I am using universal enhanced ecommerce.

    Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you!

    Last edited by Hofer; 05-28-16, 12:34 PM.

  • I too just checked our site with Google Tag Assistant. I also have the ga_tracking item in the global footer per Miva's own documentation. I haven't tried moving it to the Head tag section yet as I wanted to know why Miva says to put it in the footer and if moving it will creating any tracking issues. Anyone have any input on this?



    • Hello the code should work properly in either section. If you want to comply with Google to clear up the Tag Assistance warning you can.
      Did you add <script type="text/javascript" src="&mvt:global:clientside_url;Module_Code=mvga&a mp;Filename=mvga.js"></script> to the HEAD tag content section?
      Happie Mendenhall
      Support Technician
      Miva, Inc.


      • I am having the same issue. If I move the <mvt:item name="ga_tracking" /> from the bottom of the footer to the HEAD tag content area, I get the missing HTTP error response in Tag Assistant. If I leave it in the global footer Tag Assistant says it needs to be moved to the head tag area. And I seem to have some pages that are larger (like my PLST page) refuse to load the <mvt:item name="ga_tracking" /> into the global footer so they show the missing HTTP error. And yes I have the <script type="text/javascript" src="&mvt:global:clientside_url;Module_Code=mvga&a mp;Filename=mvga.js"></script> in the HEAD tag content area. How do I get the google analytics tracking to properly load in the the head area so it works on every page?




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