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    What you've described is not a problem at all, but Saturday shipping rate is different.
    The default FedEx module doesn't have an option (checkbox) for Saturday shipment at all. At least I wasn't able to find it :-)


      A Saturday Delivery add-on option might still be necessary for some geographic areas, but it looks like Fed-Ex is moving to a 6-day delivery week for most major cities.

      MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 12, 2018—FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) has boosted its capacity and operational innovation to expand FedEx Ground U.S. operations to six days per week in response to the growing e-commerce demand and record influx of volume expected this holiday season, and beyond. “FedEx anticipated early on that the growth of e-commerce would significantly …
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        6 days is the default for the one rate, for package it's an extra charge


          We started a project for getting accurate delivery options using Fedex SOAP requests and providing the customer's address, which returned the complete list of delivery options, including Express Overnight Saturday, 2nd Day Overnight Saturday, and Home Delivery (which naturally lands on a Saturday to residential addresses). Since Express Saturday delivery is not available to all delivery addresses, and Ground/Home deliver on different days, we chose to get the real info straight from FedEx instead of trying to build the functionality out another way. We were successfully sending test information to FedEx and getting the info we needed back but the developer at Miva working on the project left and the project has been on hold since. We're still planning to move forward with it at some point, since a statistically significant portion of our customer base needs something at the last minute, and it's a customer service issue for us to make sure the customer knows exactly when their shipment will arrive. Plus, having that info on the website during checkout will likely get us a decent number of orders while decreasing the amount of time we have to manage the issue.
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            Is FedEx Saturday shipping available? I've read through posts on this forum, but they are a few years old, so not sure if any changes have been made. We had a issue with FedEx 2 Day not being an option to select in the admin; it was missing from the database.


              Not 100% sure, but I believe you can get that with 'SurePost' which essentially is USPS (at least for the last mile--so yea, saturday).
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                These are all the shipping service offered by the supported FedEx Module:
                FedEx Europe First®
                FedEx 1Day® Freight
                FedEx 2Day®
                FedEx 2Day® Freight
                FedEx 3Day® Freight
                FedEx Express Saver®
                FedEx Ground®
                FedEx First Overnight®
                FedEx Home Delivery®
                FedEx International Economy®
                FedEx International Economy® Freight
                FedEx International First®
                FedEx International Priority®
                FedEx International Priority® Freight
                FedEx Priority Overnight®
                FedEx Standard Overnight®
                FedEx SmartPost standard mail
                FedEx SmartPost parcel select
                FedEx SmartPost® Bound Printed Matter
                FedEx SmartPost® Media
                FedEx Freight® Economy
                FedEx Freight® Priority
                FedEx 2 Day® AM

                Certain shipping services have different rules than others. FedEx Home Delivery (which is residential) offers 7 days a week for shipping (delivery and pickup**), but FedEx Ground Delivery (business) does not because
                Saturdays and Sundays are not considered business days by FedEx:

                If needed, you can open a support ticket with us and we can provide you with any rate calls from their API and you can consult your FedEx rep about why their API is returning those the rates.

                ** Eligible shippers include large businesses with a weekend spotted trailer pickup that can arrive at a FedEx Ground hub by 5pm Saturday and/or Sunday and must be enrolled through their FedEx account executive.


                  Adding to this post - which may (or may not) help with context.

                  Fedex rates come in from the API, but don't include the extra $15 Fedex charges for Saturday delivery. Say the customer pays $25 for Fedex 2Day. But if the delivery falls on a Saturday, the merchant is charged a total of $40 by Fedex.

                  If the customer could check a box, we could add $15 to the shipping charges.

                  This merchant needs a simple solution, probably not a custom module.


                    Any chance that Saturday Delivery for FedEx has been considered? This thread is a bit old, but is something my client would very much like.


                      It looks like we support Saturday Delivery as a checkbox option when generating labels in Miva with FedEx. You want the customer to be able to choose Saturday Delivery during checkout?

                      Also, with FedEx Home Delivery, Saturday and Sunday Delivery are included at no additional cost:


                      So you could force a customer to select Home Delivery if they want Saturday delivery. The cost should be building into that Shipping Method, which is different from FedEx Ground.
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                        Advanced Shipping Manager's module works great with this. You can set it to only show the Sat option on Fridays. We use the FedEx Priority Overnight (Saturday Delivery). As Brennan mentioned Home Delivery is now on Saturday and Sunday but for the "guaranteed" Saturday you have to do FedEx Priority Overnight with the Sat. Delivery checkbox checked.