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Miva Merchant 5.5 Dream Features

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    Softgoods... I'm pretty surprised it's not built-in this day and age when so much material is sold or offered via instant download. Not having that as a built-in or add-on module is what's holding me back from the upgrade.


      The ability to set the HTTP status error.

      For example, if someone attempts to view a non-existent product code, Miva can be configured to display a "product not found" message. I would like to be able to set it to return a "404 - File Not Found" header as well, so that search engines will properly identify the page as something not to be indexed.


        I would have the most recently added products show up first on each page (reverse the current order).


          Dream Feature: Member Initiatives, giving customers a reason to become a member such as, members online and show other members + messeging.

          Also incorporate members into posts like "rate this".

          I think members area has been serverly under thought.

          cheers rob
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            Add customer to an email database for follow up offers!


              Simple features like leaving the checkout process and coming back later.

              What's funny is I can watch the information stay in the database, but then I come back to the checkout process and I have to start all over and refill the info.


                Weight Table Shipping Charges Import

                A way to import the individual product Weight Table Shipping Charges at the product import level. ... and maybe even a way to import the values for the Weight Table Shipping Charges themselves.
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                  OK, I've read every post on this thread to make sure I'm not duplicating!
                  • Complete API documentation with examples
                  • Ability to set default country for shipping/billing and customer accounts.
                  • In flat rate shipping module allow user defined sort order rather than alphanumeric
                  • With category import check more than 1st 5 rows - as if all the first rows are master categories, they don't have a parent cat field, and then this field doesn't get imported even if it is defined in subsequent records.

                    I'll add more as I find more things that could work better.

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                    Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                    To choose Multiple Shipping addresses, a diffrent address to each product - The Address Book!

                    Does Miva own the Address/ShippingSuperbund Modules now? It would be great if those were ported to 5....
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                      Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                      My dream feature would be for Merchant 5 to support LDAP integration so that customers/users could have one user account for shopping and a message board.
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                        Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                        The following is a good background:

                        There are many LDAP server implementations out there. There are open source implementations (Open LDAP, Apache, etc..); and there are commercial implementations (MS Active Directory, Novell eDirecotry, Tivoli, Oracle Internet Directory, etc..) as well.
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                          Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                          I have searched on 'fulfillment' and come up empty. We have both softgoods and physical/ship products.
                          The one mod I would need to go to v5 is this: automated, scheduled batch transfer of orders to be shipped, in a custom .csv flat-file format, via FTP to an external site.


                            Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                            The ability to save an existing attribute as a template.


                              Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                              It would be nice to have have manufacturer data in Miva for reporting, navigation, searches, and inventory management. I know that I would rather manufacturer "categories" can be created and that custom fields can be used to store manufacturer info, but it would be much more useful to have a manufacturer table.

                              Also, it would be great to have "Created" and "Modified" timestamps on database records.
                              "Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." -Terry Pratchett


                                Re: Miva Merchant 5 Dream Features

                                I've been a Miva user for about six years or so. Our web sales went from zero to being a fairly significant part of our business.

                                I see the Miva module developers as being central to the Miva community.

                                We're currently MM4, and will either move to MM5 or another shopping cart soon.

                                I believe the management shakeup at Miva is a good thing, no doubt.

                                I am not an expert. I've studied MM5, but have never used it.

                                I'm in the process of deciding whether or not to stay with Miva, or move to another product.

                                Here are some functions that I would like to see built into MM5 without the need for third party modules (for various reasons).

                                This list is not in any order. Most of these are available with the alternative cart that I've looked at.

                                1) Quick shipping calculator and minicart on every page.
                                2) Coupons
                                7) Improved search function
                                10) Cart remembers referrer data.
                                18) Address verification logic.
                                19) Muiltiple address storage for customer.
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