I was looking at creating a small popup widget for some products on our site that would simply allow people to pick a color group tab (ie reds, blues, greens) and when they click a tab they would then be able to see the colors with color id# in that group.

ie you pick blue, there are three pages of swatches of different blues each with the color number.

I was looking at projectseven.com and can use their tab control, and slide show controls to build something but then I remembered powerpoint supports actions and did a quick test and for the simple use I am intending it works perfectly - tabs would simply jump to specific slides.

What I am unsure of is if there are any gotachas. Do I save it in a specific format to insure everyone can play it (ie do I have convert it to flash?), or do I put it in an iframe and host it on say OneDrive? I've used PowerPoint a fair bit but never for public presentation on a website.