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Miva Merchant 9.14.00 Is Now Available

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  • Brennan
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  • Brennan
    started a topic Miva Merchant 9.14.00 Is Now Available

    Miva Merchant 9.14.00 Is Now Available

    This is a security update and requires you update within 30 Days to avoid any non-compliance fees.

    New Features

    • Now supports 3D Secure which adds an additional layer of authentication. 3D Secure supports the following modes:
    1. Disabled - Disables the use of 3D Secure.
    2. Enabled - Uses 3D Secure when applicable.
    3. Mandatory - Forces the runtime customer to be enrolled in 3D Secure in order to use the selected payment method.
    • Now includes a configurable Account ID setting which informs Braintree which account to use in order to process the transaction. If this value is left blank, the default merchant account will be used to process the transactions

    Bugs Fixed

    32958: Module: braintree: MvCALL errors that display the URL expose the braintree account ID
    32982: Module: mod10: Update defaults to match current MasterCard and Discover BIN ranges
    32983: Payment: Update default Payment Card Types to match current MasterCard and Discover BIN ranges
    32984: Payment: Centralize determination of credit card types
    32989: Administrative Interface: Feature Request: Creating a new order in the order list with default settings should not warn you about resetting the list
    33149: Core JSON: Add JSON_PriceGroupCustomerList_Load_Query to the API whitelist
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