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    Similar in some ways to my last question. I remember Bill had a Tool Kit function that would send a copy of a store page - not an image I think, but it 'gathered' the HTML and sent -is that correct? I'm wondering if there is actually a way to submit a copy of a specific page as an image?

    The problem is that right now the basket online does combine base price and option prices so I get a single line item total for a product that may have 5 options, each of which adds a cost. Unfortunately I can't access those variables in the merchant email so there is a bit of griping because the warehouse manager has to manually add up all those items. I am guessing I would have to copy all of those to global variables, then send that via the template but out of budget for right now. I was hoping there might be a simple stopgap measure I could offer him i.e. sending of snapshot of the online basket.


    Hmmm... not sure why it always happens that after I ask a question I get an idea - and can't delete the question. Please delete or ignore this.


      Well, in case you haven't thought about it, you can use MvCall to collect the entire contents of a web page in question, however, not sure why those variables wouldn't be available on final page and can be resorted out as desired on the Merchant email.
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        Again two seconds after I shot you an email ... :)

        In any case I looked using tokenlist and none of those variables seem to be available, so I was trying to copy them all to custom order fields but couldn't get it. Then I tried the contentsection output parameter to try to assign the contents to a variable to no avail. My programming-fu is very bad - more ideas than ability. :/ I also tried to assign it to a textarea via a contentsection call. The textarea got the content - html tags and all- and I assigned a name to the textarea because I thought that the contents would then be available as a global variable (?) but I couldn't get the contents in the variable.

        As you can see I'm jumping around a bit I'm more of a creative type and I lack the programmer mindset. Plus I'm old and brain is slowing down. I tried to use what little I do know to work it out, but not there yet.
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