I am poking at this page and when I log in as a customer with a discount the discount is not reflected in the options selection - but the correctly discounted price is added to the cart.

When I look at the code for these radio buttons I see

In the radio button foreach loop

<mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">

this is what is outputting the price which doesn’t take into account the discount


In testing I can see that this does get me the discounted price

<mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="item:options">

but when I place it within the loop to test I see it only shows the discounted option for the last item I placed in the cart - so all of the options show $4.50 for example, instead of the actual price - which is 'in there' since it adds correctly in the cart. I assume it needs an index of some sort at the very least but a bunch I don't understand and any suggestions will prod me along to the next pothole - thanks.

Also is there a page that lists all these arrays and differentiates them?