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Search bug in 10.02 or defer problem?

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    Search bug in 10.02 or defer problem?

    I just noticed a new issue with search. The only two recent changes I have made was upgrading to Miva 10.02 and adding 'defer' to some javascript based on a post here as I was having some slow page loads when tested with Google.

    If you go here

    Looks at products ATEP-40152 and ATEP-41161 searching for the exact code or parts 40152, 41161 do not return results.

    Is there some search related javascript that cannot be deferred or is this a bug?

    I wonder if this is a cache issue. I searched for ATEP-40152, ATEP-41161, 40152 and 41161 they all gave results to the corresponding product. Have you tested this on a different browser?

    Jorge Lujano
    Miva Merchant Support
    [email protected]


      I tried it in a private window originally but it didn't popup in the dropdown search box. They do now. I do have full text search and several custom fields selected to search - does the search engine build some sort of file to search? Or perhaps the dropdown search box uses some sort of list that needs to be updated? Does it used a scheduled task? I'm wondering if maybe it needed time to do that and I was searching before it had triggered or completed that task.
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