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    Login Issues

    Recently, have been unable to log into my website's miva 10. Or barely able to log in. I login, it takes me to the two-factor authentication page. I input that ((google authenticator), and... then it loops back to the log in screen. I've tried it on my normal browser (Firefox), both regular and private mode as well as chrome. Occasionally it will load correctly, only to log me out a few seconds later. Occasionally ti will pop up with "to display this page, firefox mus send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier", if I hit cancel, it loops me back to the login screen, if I hit resend, same deal, loops me back to the login page. Once it logged me in for about 5 minutes which gave me time to process an order, but logged me out while I was still going through information.

    I logged into my main Miva consol to submit a support ticket, it's been a while since I've had to do that, so in the console I click "Miva merchant Support" and instead of opening anything for a support ticket, it opens a new page that is just the miva apps... so... that's not much use at all.

    Really need to get this fixed, can't get in to process or orders, update pricing, anything, all of which needs to get handled asap.

    Thank you

    The issue you describe sounds like an out of sync clock somewhere between you, the code generator, or the store, which we should be able to easily resolve. Support authentication occurs at where that link should take you, but if not, you can start there and then go on to create a ticket manually. Once we have the ticket and domain it should be a quick resolution. You can also email me directly, and assuming you're the account holder or listed as an authorized contact, I can get TAC to reach out to you to complete validation and get both the ticket open and resolution going.
    David Hubbard
    [email protected]


      Please try logging in again and let us know if it is better now. I also created a support ticket for this request as well. If it is still an issue, please let us know.

      Thank you,


        Initial impressions are it appears to be fixed, thank you!

        Logged in smoothly, and it hasn't kicked me yet!