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Promo Code vs Gift Certificate

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    Promo Code vs Gift Certificate

    I need some pointers on how to setup our checkout flow.

    In our current setup, a Promo Code can be added on the Cart/Basket page, or on the Checkout page (first two steps of checkout process):

    But, after the customer enters their address, the promo code option disappears and the only code option to add is a Redeem Gift Certificate field.
    This is different from the promo code field. Promo codes aren't accepted in this field.

    This seems like a confusing process for the customers since a lot of times the customer might not think to add the Promo Code until they get to the payment screen.

    How would you suggest setting this up?

    Thank you!
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    For now I've updated our /checkout-shippingpayment-selection page to simply have both fields (Promo first, then Gift Cert below it).
    I guess that works. It seems to be it would be a lot cleaner if there was only 1 field that could accept either a promo code or a gift cert code.
    Not sure if that is possible, but that would be the ideal solution.


      i'm not sure that would make sense to customers. gift certs are gift certs, coupons are coupons...and would look for a box labled as such.
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        Since gift certificates area form of payment and coupon (promo codes) are a discount one would think that it could be laid out that way - present the coupon box before the payment selection and then the gift certificate as a payment method. But I guess that would have to be a "dream feature" request.
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