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I Edited Orders.dbf and then Uploaded it - MESS

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    I Edited Orders.dbf and then Uploaded it - MESS

    I was having a timing-out problem when packing ORDERS and PRODUCTS database files through the Open Maintainance link on Miva admin ( v4.12).
    The ORDERS file would also return this error message:

    Index 'ord_id.mvx00000001' was created with the UNIQUE flag and the key '11512' already exists in the index file

    Spoke to my hosting co Miva person who said that I should delete duplicate records from the ORDERS file. I edited the file with CDBF editor & viewer and uploaded to the site.
    Now I have ancient orders - which were deleted - appear as unbatched orders and new orders not showing in the Miva "Unbatched orders" link.
    HELP, Any recommendations?

    Re: I Edited Orders.dbf and then Uploaded it - MESS

    Hey Shlomo, did you run OpenUI maintenance after uploading the file?
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      Re: I Edited Orders.dbf and then Uploaded it - MESS

      uh...did the "miva" folks explain HOW to edit the Orders dbf file? Its not as simple as just deleting things from the Orders.dbf. You need to check OrderItems, OrderOptions, OrderCharges and Batches databases as well...then do the maintainance as Andreas suggested.

      (the safer way would have been to delete those duplicate orders from within the Merchant admin.)
      Bruce Golub
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