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  • 1. A user needs access to Store Utility Settings to use Manage Quotes. None of the existing User Groups have that access. You're best off creating a new Group just for the Manage Quote permissions.

    2. You can't do that today but we can look at adding that into a future version.

    3. The Quote Expiration is used to trigger an automated email to let the customer know the quote is able to expire. Once it expires its status gets changed to Expired. Expired Quotes can still be updated, copied and converted to orders via the admin.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


    • I'm setting up this module right now as well, and I can't find where to update the thank you message for when a quote is submit.

      I went to the error messages panel under user interface, and the list contains the message for it, but not just one for a template. I've ran 4 tests for submitting a quote so far, and the message is showing in the error messages panel 4 times.

      It has:
      Thank you. Your quote # is 1000.
      Thank you. Your quote # is 1001.
      Thank you. Your quote # is 1002.

      etc, all listed as separate messages. Is there any way to consolidate that so they dont keep building up every time a quote is submit, and so I can change the text?

      Also, how do I add a quote custom field to my quote submit form?

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      • Hello Brennan,

        I created a new group with Store Utility Setting included as you suggested, while it does give me access to the 4 quote emails template (which I do not want) , the section I need is to manage the actual quote. create and modify quotes. Which is not shown under utilities, where I see it as an admin. Can you provide with what else is needed for access to create and modify quotes.


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        • Hello,

          In my testing, here are the things you need to add to the manage quotes group in order to be able to add or modify quotes. Go into groups, and click on the manage quotes group > privileges tab

          - "View" > customer, business account and order notes
          - "View" > Customers
          - "View", "Add", "Modify" > Order Processing
          - "View" > Products
          - "View" > Store utilities

          From there you can test the restricted user and see if you need more access, you can dial it more under the privileges tab for that custom group you created.

          I just got word that we'll be updating the online docs (PDF) that come with the module download with this information.

          Last edited by rbuelna; 03-04-19, 11:23 AM.
          Rafael Buelna
          Miva Support Engineer
          800.608.MIVA (24/7 Support)


          • I seem to be having a bug with some pricing on the quote module. I have a volume pricing price group set up, and when creating the quote, its pricing correctly. Then when I go to create an order from the quote, and the quote is back in the basket, it's applying my volume pricing again, discounting it further. Is there a way to disable the volume pricing if the basket is created from a quote?



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