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    We would like the ability to 'reward' repeat customers. Basically, after say '5' orders they would receive a discount on their next order. Has anyone setup something like this? The ability to export out the customers that hit the threshold would be a plus.

  • We're in the early stages of spec'ing out a native points loyalty program for Miva. Happy to hear any feature request for us to consider.

    If you wanted to do this today, you could leverage a custom customer field to keep track of the number of orders the customer has placed, then use the customer credit system to give them a credit once they reach a certain order threshold. Likely about 10 hours of template code to set something like this up.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


    • Did 9.12.1 just add the ability to put people in a price group in the checkout? And have it persist? This could be a way to do it.


      • Isn't there a feature in one of the old Emporium Plus modules that lets you do this? I can't remember which one, but I think there is.
        Todd Gibson
        Oliver + S | Sewing Patterns for Kids and the Whole Family


        • Brennan, so it would probably be quite a while before the feature would actually be available natively, correct?
          oliverands, Yes, there was some sort of rewards you could do with the coupon module (as well as toolkit I believe) - but I think they want it more robust or different than that.
          kayakbabe, can a price group have just a one time use coupon or similar? They don't want it to be a permanent discount on items.


          • We have been using the old Sebenza module to do this... it works, but is very limited, so I'm happy to hear there is interest in knowing feature requests are being considered. From a previous post I made a while ago..
            The big improvements that I would really like to see are:
            - Points subtracted from customer when an RMA is created / Return is Received
            - Ability to automatically send emails to customers reminding them of their points balance; individually or bulk to all customers with points. (Template Based Emails / Scheduled Tasks)
            - Ability to exclude points from being redeemed in conjunction with other promotions (free shipping, coupons, etc.)
            Looking forward to an improved native version of Points / Rewards.
            Psydde Delicious
            Delicious Boutique & Corseterie
            Philadelphia, PA


            • We've built a separate rewards platform that calculates everything based on the purchase and updates store credit for each customer. As a standalone solution it's very flexible and we can adjust anything. But having a built-in solution is something we would definitely go for if it was available at the time.

              Lots of ideas were implemented (still adding new features), so you may note some of them for the inbuilt solution:
              - manual "points" adjustment with comments. Some comments are visible to customers, some are visible only to logged in admins
              - points expiration + scheduled tasks
              - points expiration reminder emails
              - all kinds of stats and reports
              - vip tier levels with different % of returns in rewards, based on total points
              - email templates, ability to send an email to any customer + automatic template population with customer rewards data
              - points for reviews
              - inbuilt referral program, where you can see who referred and can give points upon registration or after purchase etc.
              - fraud rules, where you can add points to the "on hold" list for manual verification
              - and much much more...


              • - ability to manually add / subtract points with notes (customer facing and admin private notes)
                - definitely needs to remove points for returns partial or whole
                - points expiration needs to be optional
                - be able to award points for specific tasks that don't require a purchase... example, completing a poll or survey, creating an account and allowing merchant to sent them emails.
                - be able to awards bonus points for purchasing specific products or from specific categories
                - be able to have bonus points on checkout for upsale items (example buy this now and double the points on your entire order).
                - be able to have timestamp expirations when special bonus points awards are no longer valid.
                - points could be used for product purchase
                - or could be converted to store credit (need to be removed if refund or return on an order happens, maybe old points over a specific number of days old can be eligible to be converted to credit)
                - points could be used for special items only available by purchase with points (

                I LOVE Starbucks special star awards for doing certain tasks within a time frame. that is really cool and really does make me alter my buying decisions... they'll encourage me to buy the fancy expensive latte instead of the just the basic American hot coffee. Or maybe get a treat to go with my coffee. But they pair it with a time limit.. so I go today/tomorrow instead of forgetting about it cause I have a month to do it.


                • kayakbabe I hear you about the Starbucks Rewards Program... very fancy! (like the lattes they persuade you to buy.)

                  A couple other suggestions:

                  - Exclude specified Price Group customers from earning points (currently I have a NOPOINTS price group using the Sebenza Points system for this.)
                  - Earned points do not become active for x number of days after purchase. (To prevent shoppers from earning points, immediately redeeming their points, and then returning the products from their original purchase.) We've had several customers "gaming" our rewards program lately...
                  Last edited by delcorsets; 02-20-19, 02:59 PM.
                  Psydde Delicious
                  Delicious Boutique & Corseterie
                  Philadelphia, PA


                  • - in some extreme cases, points can become negative (purchased, spent points, returned original purchase), now customer has to buy more, to cover spent points
                    - negative points should never expire


                    • AHerb That's a good idea. I'm manually doing that right now for our shoppers who are "gaming" us on the Sebenza Points Module.
                      Psydde Delicious
                      Delicious Boutique & Corseterie
                      Philadelphia, PA


                      • What is the expected availability of version 1.0?

                        Viscott Limited


                        • We never give hard dates but sometime in the next few months.

                          Rick Wilson
                          Miva, Inc.
                          [email protected]



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