Version 9.7Faster, Stronger, Better

Miva Merchant Version 9.7 delivers important updates for site performance and user experience.

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New Features At A Glance

  • Advanced search
    and custom
    facets filters

  • Automated abandoned
    cart marketing

  • Native MailChimp

  • 3x speed increase
    for list view and
    search pages

  • Rich text
    editor for all
    product content

  • Import your eBay
    and Amazon stores

The Power
of Facets

Facets are quick-view list filters for category, price, attributes or custom fields which you can manage with detailed rules and customize to your specific needs. Now, customers can sort and sift their search results and category views with more detail than ever.

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More effective search

Real time search results as you type, plus MySQL full text searching and sorting by attributes and custom fields.

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Automated Abandoned
Carts Marketing

Increase conversions with pre-set follow-up emails which encourage more successful transactions.

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Integrated Mailchimp
Special Features

Leverage the power of the world's most popular marketing automation software by pushing data directly to Mailchimp.

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Now Up To
3x Faster

Site-wide performance increases

With Miva's new Result Set Caching and Predicted Discount Caching, any list view page such as a category or search page gets a 3x speed increase – this automatic boost means a faster store for you and your customers.

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Intuitive Content

The visually-oriented Miva Rich Text Editor makes content editing easy and creative, giving fine control over text style, images, tables, and code view.

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Other Features & Improvements

  • Sophisticated price groups control
  • Basket/order variant SKU
  • Marketplaces supports importing products from eBay & Amazon
  • Timestamps
  • Scheduled tasks - Schedule an import
  • Product list caching
  • Improved report UI
  • Predicted discount caching
  • Sort batch lists by custom fields
  • More than 130 bug fixes

How To Install Version 9.7

All Miva software upgrades are released as safe cloud-streaming updates.

You may choose to install this release at will - we never force upgrades on our member sites.

Full upgrade/NCF policy here

Full NCF/EOL policy: After the 90-day standard update (or 30-day security update) release period, Miva Merchant software becomes officially "Non-Compliant" with PCI Data Security Standards. Miva charges a $50 monthly "Non-Compliance Fee" (NCF) until your Miva Merchant software is updated. This fee applies to each instance of outdated Miva Merchant software (e.g. development sites). After 12 months of standard update NCF status (or 4 months of security update NCF status), Miva Merchant software becomes "End of Life" (EOL) which incurs an additional $50 fee ($100 total) per month, per domain. This policy applies to all instances of Miva Merchant software, whether hosted on Miva's servers or with another hosting company.

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