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Miva Merchant 9

Miva Merchant has received a significant makeover for the all-new and latest release of Miva Merchant 9. We worked hard to create a brand new interface with some terrific new features so you can take care of what's important, more efficiently and quicker than ever.


A new Responsive template-based theme system designed to get you looking good and selling quickly on any device.

Brand New Admin Interface

Miva Merchant 9 has a completely redesigned administration interface that has been optimized for speed, usability and touch interfaces.


Selling your products on ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are just a few easy clicks away. Orders and inventory are automatically synched and managed all from within your Miva Merchant store.

Enterprise-Grade Merchandising

New discounting & marketing engine includes coupons, volume pricing, free shipping & more.

Improved Navigation

Fuzzy search, quicklinks, bookmarks, breadcrumbs and recent history make Miva Merchant faster & easier than ever to get to where you're going.

Plus more than 100 new additional features

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Miva Merchant 9 introduces built-in support for coupons. Each coupon has a unique code and applies one or more price groups (and their associated discounting rules) to a basket. Coupons have the following additional features:

  • Configurable validity date range
  • Configurable maximum number of total uses
  • Configurable maximum number of uses per shopper (based on billing email address)
  • Coupons may be restricted to a specific customer or customers
  • The software can batch-generate unique coupon codes, optionally assigning each unique coupon to a specific customer account.
  • Updates to Basket and Invoice components
  • Display of a single product image within the basket
  • Control over discount display
  • Control over coupon application

New Batch Lists

  • Lists can be navigated via Pagination or Infinite Scroll mode
  • Advanced search options
  • Settings are remembered per user
  • Visible columns can be controlled
  • Column positions and size may be changed
  • CSV export of list data
  • Inline editing of multiple records is now supported

Add-on Product

Automatically adds a single product to the basket at a discounted price when the discount criteria are met

Buy X Get Y

Provides "buy x quantity", "get y quantity" at a discounted rate

Fixed Discount

Applies a fixed discount amount to one or more items or the basket subtotal

Percentage Discount

Applies a percentage discount to one or more items or the basket subtotal

Specific Sale Price

Allows the sale price of items to be overwritten with values specific to the price group being applied

Shipping Discount (Entire Order)

Discounts shipping rates for the entire order

Shipping Discount (Eligible Products Only)

Discounts shipping rates for eligible products within an order

Volume Pricing

Discounts items based on the quantity purchased

New Google Analytics Module

Supports Universal Analytics and enhanced ecommerce tracking

Amazon Payments - now supports synchronous authorization

Template Based Emails - Now support BCC

Better handling of assigning images to variant parts

Two-Factor Authentication

New Image Library & Image Picker

Infinite Scroll & Pagination for all Lists

Touch Optimized Admin UI for Tablets

Error Messages

CSS Style Resources

Discount Features

Plus more than 260 bug fixes

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