Version 9.12Power Up, Streamline, Protect

Miva 9.12 delivers important software updates to expand data exchange capabilities, streamline workflows, process payments, and increase security.

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New Features At A Glance


  • Order Workflows & Order Queues

  • PayPal Smart Buttons

  • Braintree JS v3 Update

  • ApplePay iOS11 Address Error Validation

  • Forced 2-Factor Authentication

Enhanced Data ExchangeThe JSON API

The Miva JSON API expands data exchange capabilities between Miva and external systems, pushing and pulling information via JavaScript. Add it to your store to send and receive data for orders, products, categories, customers, and discount/coupons. Includes enterprise-level security features.

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Automated RulesOrder Workflows
and Queues

Set up workflows to automatically perform actions such as adding notes, moving or removing from queues, and setting custom fields. Create automated rules to group orders into queues for both API and admin use.

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PayPal Smart Buttons

Help increase conversion by offering more payment options to your customers. With PayPal Checkout, shoppers in your Miva store are presented with the most relevant payment methods. With one integration, you can give customers the option to pay with PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit*, and major credit and debit cards – on almost any device.

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Braintree JS v3 User Interface

Offer your customers the most up-to-date user Interface for Braintree payment fields. It utilizes the latest Braintree JavaScript API to help customers checkout swiftly and efficiently.

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Forced 2-Factor

Prevent unauthorized access to your Miva admin with this mandatory security feature. Choose from Google Authenticator with a time-based one-time password (TOTP) or Yubico with a USB key.

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Apple Pay iOS11 Address
Error Vaildation

Validate missing fields in customer address before order is submitted. Customers receive error messages that prompt them to fix issues before checking out.

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Other Improvements

Version 9.12 is available now!

All Miva software upgrades are released as safe cloud-streaming updates. Log into your store's admin to download the update today.

Read the 9.12 Docs.

You may choose to install this release at will – we never force upgrades on our member sites. Full NCF/EOL policy: After the 90-day standard update (or 30-day security update) release period, Miva Merchant software becomes officially "Non-Compliant" with PCI Data Security Standards. Miva charges a $50 monthly "Non-Compliance Fee" (NCF) until your Miva Merchant software is updated. This fee applies to each instance of outdated Miva Merchant software (e.g. development sites). After 12 months of standard update NCF status (or 4 months of security update NCF status), Miva Merchant software becomes "End of Life" (EOL) which incurs an additional $50 fee ($100 total) per month, per domain. This policy applies to all instances of Miva Merchant software, whether hosted on Miva's servers or with another hosting company. View the Full Upgrade/NCF Policy Here.

*PayPal Credit is subject to consumer credit approval

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