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Miva 9.13 takes a best-in-class payment vault experience and makes it even better.

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in 9.13

  • MivaPay

  • Authorize.Net
    Module Update

  • Kount Support for
    MivaPay with Braintree

  • Performance Upgrades

  • MivaPrint Q

  • New Integrations


MivaPay, Miva's secure credit card vault, has joined Miva's core product. MivaPay provides credit card encryption, tokenization, and storage for faster checkouts and easier PCI compliance.

The 9.13 release adds a number of new key features to MivaPay:

  • Easy Reauthorization: Add to existing orders and reauthorize expired authorizations with order-level saved credit cards
  • Streamlined Reordering: Quickly reference and reorder past orders using the same payment card
  • Enterprise-Level Back Office Support: Complete reauthorizations with securely stored credit cards through your ERP or OMS, no Miva login required

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Payment IntegrationsAuthorize.Net
Payment Module

Protect customer information and streamline the checkout process with Miva’s updated Authorize.Net module. This updated module leverages’s latest Accept.js library to convert the credit card to a secure token, ensuring that the card number never touches your Miva store. With full support for all of MivaPay functionality you get secure, off-server card storage that minimizes liability and simplifies PCI compliance.

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Payment IntegrationsBraintree +
PayPal Button

This update reduces checkout friction by allowing customers to pay through PayPal at critical junctures.

Payment IntegrationsKount for MivaPay
+ Braintree

MivaPay now supports cutting-edge fraud prevention with Kount, an additional layer of online security for Braintree transactions.

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PerformanceFaster is Better

  • Faster Page Speed

    Async + defer tags have been added to the default JavaScript and ReadyTheme nav sets are now preloaded, decreasing page load times. Learn More
  • Efficient Page Load

    This update gives developers increased flexibility for CSS and JavaScript loading with the built-in ability to combine any number of files together into a single file. Learn More
  • Provisional Baskets

    Baskets are now only created when a basket is needed, reducing database overhead. Learn More
  • Maximum Performance

    Source-segregated database allows high traffic stores to scale further with separate databases targeted at different traffic sources.

MivaPrint Q

The new MivaPrint Q expands direct label printing capabilities, allowing users to set up unlimited print queues to printers in multiple locations. With a dedicated desktop app, label printing is now more stable, reliable, and secure than ever.

  • Multi-Warehouse Label Printing
  • Automatic Printing with Desktop Application
  • Send Thermal Labels Directly to ZPL Printer
  • Windows and Mac

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Other Improvements

Integrated Solutions

TaxJar is a leading sales tax management solution for busy ecommerce sellers. In this module, Miva stores can:

  • Instant and accurate sales tax calculations for the US, Canada, Australia, and EU
  • Set up and manage product-level tax categories for exemptions in Miva
  • Enroll in AutoFile™, and TaxJar will file your state sales tax returns for you
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Signifyd enables merchants to provide friction-free buying experiences by shifting fraud liability away from merchants. In this module, Miva stores receive:

  • Recognized industry leader for Guaranteed Fraud Protection
  • Zero fraud liability for merchants
  • Real-time decisions for all guarantee orders
  • Custom order queues and workflows based on Signifyd's guarantee decision
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Bolt is an end-to-end solution for checkout, payment processing, and fraud. In this module, Miva stores receive:

  • Lift conversion – 10-15% more completed orders.
  • Boost LTV – Single-click checkout for seamless repeat purchases.
  • Zero fraud guarantee – Precision fraud detection.
  • Made for Mobile – Bolt is built to convert, no matter the device.
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Version 9.13 is available now!

All Miva software upgrades are released as safe cloud-streaming updates. Log into your store’s admin to download the update today.

Read the 9.13 Docs.

You may choose to install this release at will – we never force upgrades on our member sites. Full NCF/EOL policy: After the 90-day standard update (or 30-day security update) release period, Miva Merchant software becomes officially "Non-Compliant" with PCI Data Security Standards. Miva charges a $50 monthly "Non-Compliance Fee" (NCF) until your Miva Merchant software is updated. This fee applies to each instance of outdated Miva Merchant software (e.g. development sites). After 12 months of standard update NCF status (or 4 months of security update NCF status), Miva Merchant software becomes "End of Life" (EOL) which incurs an additional $50 fee ($100 total) per month, per domain. This policy applies to all instances of Miva Merchant software, whether hosted on Miva's servers or with another hosting company. View the Full Upgrade/NCF Policy Here.

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