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Miva Merchant 9.0004

Miva Merchant has received a significant makeover for the all new latest release of Miva Merchant 9. We worked hard create a brand new interface with some terrific new features so you take care of what's important more efficiently and quicker than ever.

Miva Merchant 9.00053 Is Now Available. See What's New Below.

Credit Card Fraud Tools

Stop criminals in their tracks with a brand new suite of fraud prevention tools designed to keep your business safe. These tools allow you to setup intelligent rules to automate the process of preventing "Carding" attacks against your Miva Store.

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Digital Downloads

You can now turn any product into a digital download. Control the number of days until the link expires as well has number of downloads. Built in CDN (Content Delivery Network) support allows you to host the file on your local server or use Amazon S3 - with support for other CDNs coming soon.

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Customer Address Book

Give your customers the ability to save multiple shipping and billing addresses and choose which they want to use during checkout. Customers can save as many addresses as they want and quickly select between them during checkout as well as set a default.

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Reorder Tabs & Tab Groups

Customize Miva to fit your workflow! You can now reorder the tabs on any screen to put the places you visit most front and center. You can also reorder the tab groups, which are the collapsible sections within a tab. All this from a simple drag and drop interface.

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Payment Method Rules

Take control of your payment options! With Payment Method Rules you can not only sort your payment methods in any display order you wish, but you now have access to powerful rules to limit payment methods by Country, State, Zip, Order Total, or Availability Group.

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Saved Admin Searches

Create custom "views" based on common searches. Want a quick way to view all Orders over $100 or Products with a certain inventory count? Create a saved search and it is now just a click away.

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New Marketplace Features

Marketplaces now supports Ebay Motors as well as Amazon UK. Additionally you can now create user groups for marketplaces and restrict admin users to this group. A new Get Orders Button will make the process of pulling in orders from all your marketplaces simple and convenient.

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