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Introducing Pay in 4

Offer buy now, pay later options to your customers

– at no additional cost to you.

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Pay later from PayPal now available on Miva.

With Pay in 4, customers pay for their purchases in four simple interest-free payments and you get paid up front. Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit1 are included in your PayPal Checkout integration at no additional cost.

Give customers more ways to buy.

Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit1 are included in PayPal Checkout, so you can start offering customer financing immediately.

A win for your customers.

Payment flexibility

You get paid up front, while your customers pay later.

Interest-free choice

With Pay in 4, your customers can pay over time, and there's no hidden cost.

Access to financing

Pay later options through PayPal, the brand they know and trust.

Purchasing power

With the ability to spread payments over time, purchases become more affordable.

A win for your business.

Increased sales

Give shoppers more spending power and you can help boost your average order values.

No additional costs

Pay later offers are included in your existing PayPal rate.2

Easy promotion

Add dynamic pay later messaging to your site with a single integration.

An expansive network

Connect with PayPal's vast community of 346 million total active accounts globally.

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What buy now, pay later means for your bottom line

additional costs

Pay later offers are included in PayPal Checkout at no extra cost to you.

increase in average order value (AOV)3

Businesses with pay-over-time messaging on their site saw a 56% increase in overall PayPal AOV.3


PayPal connects you with 346M active consumer and merchant accounts globally.

Here's how it works

Show dynamic pay later messaging on your site.

After setup, dynamic messaging will display the most relevant pay later offer to your customers.

Your customer selects their best option.

Flexible pay later options help your customers make their purchases sooner.

Customers get clear payment information.

Your customer sees their payment schedule. And there are no hidden fees for their purchase or your business.

PayPal does the rest.

Once the order is processed, you get paid up front. And PayPal takes care of collecting payments from your customers.

Seemless Setup

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1 PayPal Credit is subject to consumer credit approval.

2 Standard pricing apply. Find out more about fees here.

3 Average lift in overall PayPal AOV for merchants with PayPal Credit messaging vs. those without, 2019 PayPal internal data.

4 PayPal Second Quarter 2020 Results, July 29 2020

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