The Amazon Effect: Part Two

Competing with Amazon: is it even possible? Sure, the ecommerce giant boasts wide selection, consistent users, and a global presence to make good on those 600 purchases per second. But that doesn’t mean the E-Giant is unstoppable.

In this second half of the two-part series, The Amazon Effect explores five strategies the company employs to succeed in ecommerce.

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The Amazon Effect: Part One

Love them or hate them, Amazon is here to stay. Named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company of 2017, the world’s largest online marketplace continues to push the bounds of what’s possible in ecommerce, an impetus dubbed “The Amazon Effect”.

The businesses that thrive will control the margin by taking control of the customer experience, their way. Dive into five differentiators of Amazon’s success in this two-part series before exploring how to harness them for your enterprise.

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Boost Conversion With Omnichannel Design Featuring Eric Yonge

Manufacturers today have all the tools available to take control of their sales and distribution channels. The companies best positioned to seize control of sales and distribution will be the ones who can steer the customer experience well. Eric Yonge, President and Creative Director at EYStudios, delivers three insights to boost the customer experience from an omnichannel perspective.

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4 Simple Online Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Everyone knows how the internet has shaped the way the world works and how much of of an impact it has on us all. Likewise, internet marketing has changed the way business owners market their businesses to customers and new strategies are emerging every day.  If you are an online business owner that wants to reach new customers online, then here are a few easily-missed yet very effective online marketing strategies to get you going:

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Facebook Image Sizes: A Cheat Sheet for Businesses

The way the images fit the allotted dimensions on Facebook will affect the quality of the photos, so it is important to make sure you have the right size for each feature.  This infographic by Jon Loomer will help you to make sure all of your image dimensions are perfectly sized in order to create the maximum amount of engagement with your fans.

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Facebook Makes it Easier for Businesses to Engage with Customers

There are several new changes in the works at Facebook, aimed at engaging people on Facebook with brands they love.  From larger pictures on the News Feed to Premium Videos that start with just a scroll, the opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers are better than ever before.

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