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At Miva Merchant, we are a team, and we really mean that. Our desks are structured into groups of 4 developers which we call "PODS". This structure helps create stronger collaboration among our developers and lends itself to a learning environment, something we've worked very hard to cultivate. No one is afraid to ask questions; everyone is learning something new each day.

Each project we work on brings new challenges and an opportunity to use your problem solving skills to come up with the best solution. There are unlimited ways to expand your skill-set in all areas of web development and we want to encourage it. Our goal is to build strong, well rounded Web Developers - who are also experts in Miva Merchant.

We are a group of designers, coders, and internet fanatics. We love attention to detail, which is reinforced to us every day by our neon sign on the wall reading, "Perfection By Default". We love to work hard and exceed the expectations of our clients however, we still know how to have fun.

Our office environment is stress free, fun and laid back. We don't have a dress code - sandals and shorts are welcome. We enjoy friendly competition on our Pac-Man and Galaga arcade game. You may even find yourself ducking for cover when one of the remote control helicopters buzzes by.

But at the core of us all is a passion for the web. We love being developers. We have a yearning for constant growth which works perfectly with our tiered developer structure. There is a clear path to achieve your professional goals as your experience and skill-set expands.

But that's enough about us, we want to hear about you.

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At Miva Merchant we love to come to work every day.
We are a company that cares about our employees and it shows.

  • Fun, Collaborative work environment
  • Rewarded for your Professional Growth
  • Choose MAC or PC setup with Dual Monitors
  • Comprehensive Benefits after 90 days
  • Great team learning environment
  • Free Soft Drinks and Coffee
Developer Profiles

Michael Serna

"I love the ever-increasing opportunity for growth available to me."

Cat Stout

"I've found it to be very fulfilling and certainly never boring..."

Brennan Heyde

"I love the wide variety of work we get to work on."

Florentin Stroe

"I get to work with knowledgeable, dedicated and always helpful people."

Joe Burton

"The best part about Miva Merchant is that ability to quickly learn..."

Kyle Newbrough

"As a developer with Miva Merchant, I get to learn a very wide variery of skills ..."

Nicholas Adkins

"The best part about working at Miva is the fact that the company is growing..."

Steven Soule

"I never thought the office I worked at would have classic arcade games..."

I enjoy working at a place that prioritizes good code. The community and co-workers here are welcoming and bright - I am constantly being challenged to learn and do more with what I know. - Michael C

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