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This page will:

  • Inform you on how our Enterprise Solutions Engineers will work with you to build out a unique scope and implementation plan for your business
  • Dive deep into what Enterprise ecommerce requires
  • Show that Miva Merchant is the best solution for your businesses Enterprise ecommerce needs

Businesses of all sizes often need Enterprise ecommerce features, support and consulting. However most Enterprise-level platforms are sold, created and priced for the top-most echelon of ecommerce sites. Even if you're a large company with numerous teams and systems tied into online sales, or just a small team trying to handle an explosion of orders, there's a noticeable gap in the quality and value of Enterprise-level solutions available out there.

That's where we come in. Miva's experience in the industry is unmatched, and when it comes to deploying ecommerce, we are unique. No one in the ecommerce space has been doing it for longer and for more stores - AND seen more pitfalls (and successes) - than us.

We use that knowledge at every level, from product development all the way up to our Professional Services group. It's what enables our customers to launch and scale Enterprise-class ecommerce sites for a reasonable price that both meets their needs AND adapts to their specifications at every turn.

How Miva Differs from other Enterprise Solutions

Miva has been around longer than all the competition. It was born out of the need for small businesses to sell online, and has grown for them and with them for the last 18 years, to become the most robust, reliable and scalable ecommerce solutions for enterprises and SMBs alike.

Miva is one of only a handful of privately held ecommerce companies and this frees us to focus on long-term objectives, a luxury our venture funded competitors cannot afford. With our profitable base of operation we are not under investor pressure that can change our culture, product, or our vision at the whim of short term objectives.

All plans include a unique instance of Miva Merchant hosted by the company best suited to optimize it: us.

Reliability is built in from the ground up.

Miva Merchant doesn't break on updates. Ever.

Did you know that some of our competitors suffer from long periods of downtime or broken websites by simply pushing out routine version updates? Solving this problem is actually very difficult, but we've been working at it longer than both our SMB and enterprise competitors, and we've proved that it's absolutely possible. Our internal goal is nothing less than 100% upgrade success.

Unlimited really means just that.

We give you unlimited products and categories because in reality these are arbitrary measurements. For the same reason, we give you unlimited subcategories, unlimited product variations (size, color, etc.), unlimited everything...because the number of products you have doesn't meaningfully impact our costs. Your cost to us relates to disk space, server resources and bandwidth.

We provide meaningful, helpful, timely support

We all know there's a huge difference between good support and bad support. How often is calling an 800 number the start of the frustration rather than the end of it? We have teams of real people in our San Diego and Tampa offices manning the phones 24/7, 365 days/year, ready to help, and Enterprise customers also have a single point of contact to help manage and centralize communication.

Our tiered technical support staff ensure that we can quickly connect the right person in your organization to the right person in ours because we understand that person in your organization dealing with catalog management will not have the same support needs as the person responsible for integrating backend systems.

Miva Merchant Professional Services can take the pain out of the process

Miva Merchant has always had a vibrant community of third-party developers and designers, but in 2008 we realized there was a growing percentage of corporate and high-requirement customers who really wanted to work with us directly. Miva Merchant Professional Services has grown into a large team of ecommerce pros handling everything from ongoing ecommerce website maintenance to complete turnkey solutions.

Not all of our Enterprise customers choose to use our professional services, but the team is here if you need them. You may know exactly what you need, you might be at an RFP stage, or you could be in the early phase of a project involving multiple internal stakeholders. Whatever the scenario, our Professional Services team is at home managing the entire process from beginning to end, or playing the role of sub-contractor for a subset of a larger project.

A call to our Strategy and Solutions team is a great next step. Our project managers will work with you to define the scope of the project, create a budget and proposal, and help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

What's the difference between SMB ecommerce and Enterprise ecommerce?

It's important to understand that what shoppers see and experience on an Enterprise ecommerce website isn't that different from what a Small- to Medium-sized business shows their customers.

It's true that the more customers using the store, the more horsepower is needed on the back end to handle everyone simultaneously. But at the end of the day, SMB and Enterprise customers browse a catalog, add products to a cart and checkout.

The real differences between SMB and Enterprise ecommerce relate to process and administration.

"Enterprise" means more people

The first major difference is the number of people, teams and departments who share responsibilities and tasks related to the ecommerce operation.

We've identified the following primary roles related to building and maintaining an ecommerce store:

  • Content Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Fulfillment
  • Executive
  • Project Manager / IT

These roles exist no matter how big or small an operation is, but in a small business, the same person or just a couple of people wear all the hats.

The bigger the company or project, the more likely these roles will envelope a larger number of people spanning different departments.

Because of this, building Enterprise ecommerce solutions requires a different approach. If your platform can't easily grow with you so that you can effectively manage multiple people doing specialized roles, then you're going to suffer some serious growing pains.

Ideally, you need a platform that can seamlessly switch between one or two people wearing multiple hats, all the way to multiple people sharing one hat (role). In this way, Miva Merchant is an expert. Not only does Miva handle both of these extremes, but security is built into the administration from the ground up to allow any given user only the access needed to perform his or her tasks.

"Enterprise" means more moving parts, more automation and more orders

If you're a successful company looking for a solution to solve the pain points your growth has created, then nothing we say below will be a surprise to you. To others, this is an education in the pitfalls of choosing the wrong solution.

For anyone dealing with significant order volume, an ecommerce solution must be able to take care of repetitive tasks without human intervention. It must "talk to" the other systems in-house, and it must have the flexibility to integrate with other third-party tools that support Enterprise-level needs.

Miva Merchant can help you streamline processes and grow your business without growing your staff.

Miva Merchant is ready to:

  • Easily add new features, even from third parties
  • Automate accounting / ERP
  • Automate inventory control
  • Automate CRM
  • Automate fulfillment
  • Streamline phone sales
  • Streamline content management

"Enterprise" means the stakes are higher

The shopping experience isn't the only thing that's vital to your success; back-end hosting architecture is equally as important. If your site is not able to perform under heavy traffic or your hosting architecture isn't secure or scalable, then your site won't be able to succeed, regardless of how nice it looks.

In 2011, Miva Merchant launched its Enterprise hosting platform with these specific needs in mind, knowing that website performance and security is as important as look, feel and features.

Miva Merchant can be hosted and managed by your own IT department if you wish, and on rare occasion that is desirable. But the reality is that we are the best company at hosting our platform. We provide IT departments full root access and run on state-of-the-art RedHat servers with industry-best drives and backup and security strategies - all designed with large Enterprise in mind.

We highly recommend that you trust your ecommerce business to our server team. Many companies and hosting solutions boast 99.9% uptime (which equates to more than 8 hours per year of downtime). In comparison, Miva performs now and historically at 99.99% uptime (which equates to approximately 52 minutes per year of downtime).

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Miva Merchant Enterprise

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  • Highlights:

  • Work with a solutions engineer to scale and automate your unique business

  • Focus on security and compliance

  • Reliable and scalable

  • Access to the full range of consulting and development services available by our in-house Professional Services team

  • 100% U.S.-based 24/7 phone support with VIP support included

  • Partnership with a company who has been building ecommerce software since 1997

  • Member of the Inc. 5000 for 2012 and 2013

  • Technical Highlights:

  • Dedicated accounts with full root access and the industry's fastest SSD disk storage; Redhat Enterprise optimized for Miva Stack

  • Standalone and firewalled MySQL server

  • Tech Teams read this! Hosting Specs

  • Security-focused offsite backups

  • Fully customizable CSS-based template system

  • Unlimited features and customizations (for advanced technical users and programmers)

  • Advanced back-end connectivity (ERP, CRM, fulfillment via XML, EDI or Director Connect)

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