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ShipStation is here for all stages of your business, from early-stage to multi-million dollar businesses. We'll automatically import all your orders from wherever you sell-including your Miva Merchant store, of course-and our time-saving application will help you manage orders so you can ship them out quickly & easily! You can define automation rules, filters, and profiles to make the copy-and-paste, cut out with scissor procedures you might use today look like the Stone Age of order and shipment processing. Want to ship out some packages with UPS, others with USPS, and some more with DHL Express? You can process your orders in whatever sequence you want, and then print a single label or hundreds at a time! We integrate with over 60 shopping carts, marketplaces, and other integration tools to give you a full picture of your sales and make it easy for you to organize and process them in a flash!

Some nifty features:

  • See everything: Import all your orders & send back tracking information and order status updates automatically.
  • Automatic decision-making through automation rules: Add/subtract weight, change package size, send e-mail alerts & more when your orders import.
  • Customizations galore: Make your e-mails, packing slips, and labels adhere to your brand specifications.
  • Ship in batch: Create hundreds of labels in a single batch - without needing to use the same carrier or destination.
  • Extensive reporting & organization: Generate pick lists, packing slips, and reports based on your stores' information.
  • Totally scalable: Only ship a few things? No problem! We've got plans that start at only $25 a month and include your USPS postage account ($16/month value). Ship a thousands of packages? We've got you covered too, with the automation tools to make your life a heck of a lost easier.

You could save hours a day with our app, all while having the ability to customize it to work exactly how you need it. Interested? All you need to do to sign up for one of our 30-day free trials, and you can see just how amazing your life could be.

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Miva believes that all online businesses should have access to a scalable ecommerce platform that can meet their unique business requirements. Miva offers PCI compliant ecommerce, hosting, and custom website design and development solutions. Miva customers have processed over $100 billion in online sales since 1997.

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