Improve Conversion With Abandoned Basket Emails: Your Step-by-Step Guide

How much money are you losing to abandoned baskets? Over 76% of shoppers who add items to their online cart leave without purchasing. That’s $4 trillion worth of merchandise left sitting online.

Take back control of the timing, conversation, and sale with abandoned basket emails. Abandoned basket emails are intelligent, timed messages meant to prompt customers to complete their purchase.

Improve conversion—and customer connections—today with this step-by-step guide to your abandoned basket email strategy.

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Stop Losing $4 Trillion to Abandoned Carts

Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise is left in abandoned carts each year. The good news? An abandoned cart does not automatically translate to a lost sale—if you can successfully draw customers back to buy.

But why exactly are customers leaving your site before purchasing, and what can you do about it? Here are the top five reasons for abandoned carts, and how you can overcome this challenge to improve conversion.

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An Open Thank You to Our Team

This past month we celebrated 20 years of Miva. That’s two decades at the forefront of ecommerce, and truly, there is so much celebrate. And while we’re glad to hang our hat on a number of accolades, none of them would be possible without the team behind our technology. After all, a product is powered by the height of the collective behind it, and our team at Miva is exceptional.

Rather than writing about what makes our team so special, though, we wanted to hear from the Mivites themselves what they appreciate. So, we asked several Mivites, veteran and fresh to the floor, what they enjoy about Miva—and one another.

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Scale Your Ecommerce Business Like A Pro: Free Webinar and Q&A

Last week, Miva Solutions Architect Benjamin Arp led a free webinar on “How Successful Brands Scale Their Ecommerce Business”. In it, Benjamin—along with Director of Strategy & Solutions Philip Hansen—break down effective strategies and steps to overcome the challenges at each phase of business.

Whether you’ve just decided to sell online or you’re an industry trailblazer, knowing the challenges and strategies at your phase is essential to scale up. Get the tools and tips in the free replay of this webinar to implement the right growth strategies for your business.

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Holiday Shopping: 5 Steps to Boost Online Sales

The holiday shopping season is the biggest opportunity to increase sales and attract customers. And though a majority of retailers focus on Black Friday, more customers are starting to shop well before October’s end.

Get your storefront ready for the holiday rush. Increase your revenue and keep customers coming back with these 5 questions to prepare your ecommerce store.

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Live Webinar: How Successful Brands Scale Their Ecommerce Businesses

Scaling a business requires different tools and tactics at each level. Are you equipped with the right strategies to overcome the challenges where you are?

Join Miva Solutions Architect Benjamin Arp for a live webinar event on Thursday, August 24, 2017 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT. Benjamin will outline a clear, actionable strategy to scale up your enterprise business. He will also bring light to common pitfalls which even the most well-intentioned businesses fall into, and hold a live Q&A at the end. Register for free today!

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Mark Patterson: Guiding Ecommerce Businesses—Including His Own—to Growth

Mark Patterson is a modern-day renaissance man. Not only does he guide clients as our Project Management Supervisor with a development background; he also cofounded superfood company Bare Bones Broth Co., built on Miva. With this unique blend of experience, Mark brings an unmatched perspective to scaling ecommerce businesses.

Join Mark Patterson, business owner and project management lead at Miva, as he sheds valuable insight on growing several ecommerce businesses—including his own.

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Decorative Films: Reimagining the Ecommerce Experience With Miva

All month long we’ve had the distinct honor of celebrating our 20th anniversary. That’s two decades of innovation, imagination, and perseverance in a day and age where most ecommerce startups have grown obsolete. Today, tens of thousands of businesses have dared to reimagine the ecommerce experience with us, logging more than 100 billion dollars in online sales on Miva software.

One such business we are proud to push the needle with: distributor manufacturer Decorative Films. Join us as Managing Director Charl Berning shares how innovation—and the right partnership—make all the difference in today’s competitive ecommerce landscape.

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