How Miva Client, Plant Therapy, Achieved Dramatic Results by Adding Apple Pay

Have you added Apple Pay to your online retail store? Ecommerce businesses with Apple Pay have seen growth in completed transactions by more than 200%. Improve the shopping experience and provide your customers with more ways to pay with Apple Pay this holiday shopping season.

Plant Therapy is an enterprise retailer of 100% pure essential oils, with a stunning ecommerce superstore, built on the Miva ecommerce platform.

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Turn Your Q4 Holiday Campaign into a Year-Round Effort

In 2016, retailers spent more than 1.2 billion dollars advertising for the holiday season. (Kantar Media)

Often times, companies put the bulk of their marketing and advertising efforts (and budget) into the holiday shopping season. However, with the evolving consumer spending landscape, there is a new approach trending. More retailers are seeking out year-round selling opportunities.

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Miva Launches New Ecommerce Resource Center

Miva’s expert team of ecommerce strategists has been busy carefully crafting the ultimate online destination for ecommerce business professionals. Miva’s brand new Ecommerce Resource Center is finally here! This new resource hub provides ecommerce professionals with the right resources to ensure your online retail store is staying at the forefront of the ecommerce industry trends.

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Improve the Customer Experience with Live Chat

With product availability options steadily increasing for consumers, great customer service can be the defining piece of your business that differentiates your brand from the competition this holiday shopping season. Implementing a live chat into your ecommerce store can help take the customer experience to the next level during the busiest time of year. A live chat is a form of customer service wherein visitors can communicate instantly with a trained customer service representative, usually in the form of a text-based pop-up window that can be accessed on demand.

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Where’s the Top Workplace in San Diego? Winners Announced!

Miva is pleased to announce that we have recently been named a winner of the San Diego Metro Area 2017 Top Workplaces Award by The San Diego Union-Tribune. Miva placed in the top 20 medium-size San Diego businesses, out of more than 300,000 registered businesses in San Diego County.

Winners of this prestigious Top Workplaces award are based upon the results from an employee feedback survey. Employees of San Diego businesses independently voted to give Miva the prize for workplace culture including execution, alignment, and connection.

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Miva Spotlight | Technical Assistance Center

This holiday shopping season, and every holiday shopping season, your ecommerce business can rely on Miva’s expert team of Support Technicians for around-the-clock service. Our Technical Assistance Center has your back, so your ecommerce business can focus on fulfilling holiday orders, managing holiday promotions, and those endless logistical hurdles from complex shipping requests.

Whether you need website assistance at 3 am or 3 pm, our US-based Technical Assistance Center is available seven days a week, 365 days a year to provide technical support whenever you need it most.

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Turn First-time Buyers into Repeat Customers

Between November 1 and December 31, 2016, shoppers spent 91.7 billion online, according to Adobe Digital Insights.

During the holiday shopping season, merchants can see an increase in website traffic from new visitors and first-time buyers. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to maximize revenue and take the steps needed to increase reach in the months leading up to the holiday shopping season.

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Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Blog

Are you considering adding a blog to your ecommerce store? In short, the answer should be yes.

“Small businesses with blogs have 126 percent more lead growth compared to those that do not blog.” (ThinkCreative)

From improved search rankings to lead generation, these days, content is king and blogs can add immense value to your website. Blogs have become a must-have item for any online business. To help you understand the value a blog brings to an ecommerce store, we’ve outlined the key benefits your business can experience from having a blog.

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Make Smarter Marketing Decisions with Google Analytics + Ecommerce Tracking

Having relevant statistical insights at your disposal is the first step in establishing a foundation for continuous website optimization and growing your online presence. As a business owner, Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools available to uncover valuable website data. The extensive reporting and user data provided by Google Analytics can be used to guide decisions to develop marketing and business strategies.

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