Amazon Prime Day: How your store can win today

Amazon Prime Day: How retailers can take advantage of the largest online shopping day of the year

The biggest day for online sales is here, and we’re not talking about Black Friday. Today is Amazon Prime Day: an annual event rewarding Prime subscribers with exclusive deals, and a wave of rampant online shopping worth riding for all retailers.

Since its launch in 2015, Amazon Prime Day has seen explosive growth. In 2015, Prime customers ordered 34.4 million items—that’s 398 items per second. In 2016, the event saw a 50% increase in U.S. orders with 20 million new customers that year. It seems there’s no stopping in sight.

The good news for your store? You, too, can take advantage of the largest shopping day of the year. Here are two ways Miva can elevate your online presence to benefit from Amazon Prime Day:

Synchronize your channels to sell on Amazon

Miva is the only cloud-based platform that provides a reliable and expandable enterprise ecommerce solution from a single source. We strive to empower retailers with omnichannel control in order to offer a unified brand experience no matter the channel, customer, or device.

As an ecommerce behemoth, Amazon is, still, another channel to extend your brand experience. With Miva you can sell on Amazon, boost your online presence, and synchronize your channels from a single interface:

  • Upload product listings and link to seller accounts from built-in tabs
  • Create unique content for each listing to boost discovery and SEO
  • Sync and manage all external marketplace orders, all from one source
  • Pull orders from all online marketplaces, even for listings originated outside of Miva
  • Communicate with customers for troubleshooting and assistance
  • And more

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Go direct to control the customer experience

While many retailers have felt the benefits firsthand by getting their products featured on Prime Day, the savviest still treat Amazon as one entrypoint to a curated brand ecosystem. After all, nearly half of shoppers first browse products on Amazon, but 86% say they would pay a premium for a customized experience.

“What makes a brand successful? Direct interaction with the customer. Now that’s how you beat your e-giant,” -Eric Yonge, President and Creative Director, EYStudios

Take BTO Sports for example. One of the largest, highest-rated brands in the motocross space, the retailer maintains a presence on Amazon but boasts a highly personalized experience through their Miva store. BTO Sports offer free shipping and hassle-free returns akin to Amazon but also utilizes their store to highlight hot deals, initiate conversation, and invite fellow enthusiasts into an active community of fans across social media. By meeting fans in their demands for a personalized shopping experience—not just a quick one—BTO Sports continues to thrive online.

As another Amazon Prime Day comes and goes, the boomerang effects will long be felt by retailers online. Don’t miss out on the success your online store awaits.

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