Blades Ecommerce Awards “Best Feature” Finalist Spotlight

The Blades Ecommerce Awards – “Best Feature” finalists are some of the most unique Miva Merchant sites created to date. The websites nominated in this category have revolutionized the way consumers shop online. Providing custom functions along with an excellent shopping experience, the following websites have been selected as finalists:


Francis Drake Eyewear a Blades Ecommerce Awards Finalist for Best Feature provides a classically designed, user-friendly shopping experience, with their standout feature being their “Virtual Try-on.” With “Virtual Try-on,” the shopper can easily use the camera built into their computer to be fitted for eyeglasses until they find the perfect fit. This functionality, powered by “Trylive,” offers a virtual try-on experience and robust fitting capabilities for sunglasses and prescription eyewear. At the top of the priority list for the owners of Francis Drake Eyewear, it helps to better serve their customers by greatly improving the shopping experience while taking the guesswork out of shopping for eyewear online.


Betty Jane Candies a Blades Ecommerce Awards Finalist for Best Feature

Moving away from their clunky custom weight function, the user-friendly now provides the shopper an intelligent customizable shopping experience with the “Create Your Own Assortment” functionality. This unique function keeps track of net weight, while allowing the buyer to select every piece of chocolate that goes into their box. When shopping on a desktop computer, the sidebar transforms into your hand picked chocolate assortment. At any time, view the total price of an assortment, how many pounds you have left, and how many you have already added, with the convenient sidebar display function.


Warehouse Fabrics Inc. a Bladers Ecommerce Awards Finalist for Best Feature

Offering a variety of fabrics, needed a solution to streamline their product search. With a number of variances in fabrics, such as color, pattern, and usage, the new custom faceting function on their homepage provides the shopper the ability to sort and find what they are looking for without having to scroll through pages of product listings or struggle with key words.



Recollections a Blades Ecommerce Awards Finalist for Best Feature allows their customers to interact with their website, with the ability to submit photos of themselves wearing their Recollections apparel and accessories. The photos are then posted to the site for other shoppers to view and click through to purchase the items pictured in the photo, or shop similar items. This feature provides a unique shopping experience and encourages shoppers to return to shop by building lasting relationships, creating loyal customers. 

The winner of this category will be announced at the Blades Ecommerce Awards dinner on Thursday, March 26th 2015, at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, in San Diego, California.

The Blades Ecommerce Awards is in its third year running at the 15th Annual MivaCon. This esteemed award ceremony recognizes sixteen finalists in four categories: Best Enterprise Website, Best Small Business Website, Most Improved and Best Feature. These categories help Miva, Inc. highlight the Miva Merchant websites that raised the bar and practiced the utmost of Ecommerce excellence in 2014.