Live Webinar: How Successful Brands Scale Their Ecommerce Businesses

Scaling a business requires different tools and tactics at each level. Are you equipped with the right strategies to overcome the challenges where you are?

Join Miva Solutions Architect Benjamin Arp for a live webinar event on Thursday, August 24, 2017 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT. Benjamin will outline a clear, actionable strategy to scale up your enterprise business. He will also bring light to common pitfalls which even the most well-intentioned businesses fall into, and hold a live Q&A at the end. Register for free today!

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Why and How to Harness Subscription Commerce

What if you could increase the customer lifetime value for your business, predict revenue, reduce overhead, and get rid of the headaches of inefficiency, in one?

Subscription commerce is transforming the lens through which businesses of all verticals view their offerings, and their customers. The more you can innovate to empower consumers in their day-to-day, the more your customer relationships will thrive—and your bottom line.

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E-Commerce PCI DSS Compliance Myths Explained: Guest Blog by Daniel Humphries

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards apply to any business that accepts credit cards, including e-commerce merchants- however many retailers are confused about how these regulations affect them. Miva Merchant president, Rick Wilson, recently spoke with Daniel Humphries, researcher for a firm that reviews IT Security software, to help define six popular e-commerce PCI DSS compliance myths.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Running an Online Business

Online businesses are becoming more popular as the Internet becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives. People have lower tolerance for sitting in traffic every day, waiting on paychecks each week, and asking their bosses for permission to take off from work on holidays. Working from their own household on their online business sounds ideal in a situation like this.

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7 Types of Consumer Personas

How well do you know your consumers?  It is important to thoroughly understand your target market in order to tailor the shopping experience to them.  This great infographic by User Experience shows the different core personas and the juxtaposed tactics that will support a positive shopping experience.

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Best Practices for Managing Credit Card Data Online

Protecting your customers’ information is a duty that you sign on for when you decide to take orders online.  So it is important that you reassure your customers that their sensitive information is safe with you.  Not only will you be protecting your customers, but you will also be protecting your ecommerce business.

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