Introducing Miva Merchant Videos

We believe in giving our Miva store owners and developers all the tools necessary to open a successful and competitive online business.  That’s why we have created the Miva Merchant Training Video Library, your go-to resource for detailed training videos, how-to guides and much more.

Whether you are a store owner or a web developer, we have the videos for you to get the most out of the Miva Merchant platform:

Are you a Miva Store Owner?

If you are a store owner looking to manage you Miva business accounts and maximize revenue, this is the place for you. Here, you will learn everything you need to know to manage a successful online business.

Miva Store Owner’s Training Course

The Miva Store Owner’s Course is a 3 part series.  Miva store owners can learn everything from basic tasks and operations to intermediate and advanced tips for online success. Topics include fallback shipping methods, inventory tracking, image machine, order history, and more over the course of the three-part course.

Are you a Miva Web Developer?


Explore the Miva Merchant Template Language

Just starting out building Miva Merchant Store? Our Developer Training Series will give you the foundation you need.

The Developer Training Series is a course geared toward web developers or anyone who wants to extend their training in ecommerce. During this course you’ll learn how to build high quality and successful ecommerce stores the ‘right’ way, using Miva as your ecommerce platform.

DTS used to be hidden from the public, and only run once every couple months in a “classes” where a group of people would go though it together. We changed the paradigm so now it is open to any developer who wants to take it and they can go though the lessons on their own time. No more waiting.

In the course you will learn how to:

  • Develop ecommerce the right way
  • Build more sites in less time
  • Discover the SECURITY of the Miva Merchant platform
  • Learn how to CUSTOMIZE your Miva Merchant store
  • Make your Miva Merchant store more Search Engine friendly
  • Expand your ecommerce knowledge
  • Help your ecommerce clients prosper

Along with that we created an process where developers can sign up and get their own developer store. Signup is free, and only takes a minute:


Popular Videos

Check out some of the most popular training videos in both our Developer and Store Owner Sections:

In the new Miva Merchant Videos portal, you have the ability to learn everything you need to build a high-quality and successful online business, at your own pace.