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Fabric Farms Interiors is Central Ohio’s largest and most complete home décor fabric store.  Fabric Farms was established in 1971 and has continued to grow while being locally owned and operated. Fabric Farms Interiors prides itself on providing excellent service to all of their customers – both in-store and online.

To find out more about Fabric Farms outstanding business success, we sat down with Store Owner, Kathy Iven:

How did you get started with your online business?

“Fabric Farms Interiors is a brick-and-mortar store since 1971, located in Central Ohio. I bought the store in 1997. We had a website since 1998 but it was an informational site only.  When we moved our physical store in 2005 to a larger location, it made sense at that time to look at setting up an e-commerce store. The e-commerce site went live in October 2005 and our first order was for pillow forms.  We were so excited – it was like Christmas! Last year we went through a major site redesign and the new site went live August 2013.”

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What does Fabric Farms sell and what makes it unique?

“Fabric Farms Interiors specializes in drapery, slipcover, and upholstery fabrics, decorative trims, pillow forms and foam, upholstery supplies and tools, drapery supplies, and sewing patterns. Our website supports our physical location. We also offer decorating and upholstery services and use informational pages to explain those services and drive customers to our store.”

Traffic keeps increasing to both our website and our physical location.”

Why did you choose Miva Merchant?

“Miva was our first choice for e-commerce.  We researched various platforms, and Miva had the best reviews.”

How have you customized Miva Merchant to fit your needs?

“To customize Miva Merchant to fit our needs, we used custom product fields for our fabrics and trims. Our front page was custom designed by our graphic designer.”

What is your favorite feature that you’ve built into your online store?

“Our favorite features are the attributes and inventory variants functions. For drapery and upholstery supplies, customers can choose the quantity they want – small or large. For fabrics and trims, customers can choose yardage or swatches or samples.”

In your opinion, what are the keys to success when operating an online store?

“The key to operating a successful online store is to work on it every day and to have good procedures in place for order processing. We have numerous staff working on processing orders, so we came up with a checklist to follow.  This ensures that each order is processed the same way and that nothing is missed.”

What lessons have you learned as a result of setting up your Internet business?

“I’ve learned that I have to work on the site every day and keep at it. Be persistent. Whether it’s adding new products or tweaking products or categories or reviewing Google Analytics, I work on something every day. It could be only an hour or it could be all day.”

What do you like most about using Miva Merchant?

“What I like most about Miva Merchant is that I can get around it fairly easily. There are great videos and articles and the user guide to turn to for assistance.  If I still can’t figure it out, I contact support and they’ll help. I also signed up for Miva Design Club, so if I don’t feel comfortable doing something, I contact them and they will do it for me.”

How is your online store doing today?

“With the site redesign, we’ve received many positive comments on the up-to-date look of the site. Traffic keeps increasing to both our website and our physical location.”

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