Miva Merchant on Twitter

During the Miva Merchant Conference this year there was an explosion of activity on Twitter by conference attendees, store owners unable to attend and several employees of Miva Merchant. This is great except quite a few people had no idea how to follow Miva Merchant. This post is designated to clear up all the confusion so you can find the REAL Miva Merchant on Twitter.

Without further ado, the “official” Miva Merchant twitter account is miva_merchant and is monitored and updated by our VP, Rick Wilson.

You can get our attention by sending a tweet to @miva_merchant or get the attention of the Miva Merchant community on twitter by using the hashtag #mivamerchant

Here are a list of twitter accounts that some may mistake as Miva Merchant:

miva (https://twitter.com/miva)
mivamerchant (https://twitter.com/mivamerchant)
mivamerchant95 (https://twitter.com/mivamerchant95)

If you come across another, please leave a comment below and we will update the list.