MivaCon 2014 Wrapup

MivaCon 2014 has come to a close, and it was a fantastic three days of presentations, keynotes, and networking.  Miva Merchant’s 14th annual conference took place last week at our home base in San Diego with 500 attendees.  Whether you were in on the fun, watching live from home, or are just now getting a chance to catch up, we’ve got a quick snapshot of what happened in those 3 action-packed days.

At MivaCon 2014, attendees were given content-rich, actionable information geared specifically to help grow their online businesses.  Peer-networking opportunities with fellow storeowners, from beginners to experts, helped hundreds of business owners know that they were not alone in their quest for success.  In addition, attendees met with over 2-dozen exhibitors who are all ecommerce specialists that were eager to help grow and improve each individual business.

There were countless great moments during MivaCon 2014, but we are just going to highlight a few of our favorites here:

Opening Night Reception and Fireside Chats

At the Opening Night Reception, we learned the true about how Miva really came to be:

Russ Carroll, CEO of Miva Merchant, and Rick Wilson, Presidents of Miva Merchant, worked at a previous company back in the 90’s.  Troy McCasland, one of the original founders of Miva, then hired Rick away from that company.  Miva was sold to another company, until Russell Carroll and Rick Wilson decided to buy Miva back from the people that they had sold it to.

To watch the Fireside Chats with the attendees, view the recorded Google Hangouts on the Miva Merchant YouTube page.

2 Days of Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

After Rick Wilson’s “State of the Miva Nation” Keynote, everyone was very excited about all the new features of Version 9.

Here were just some of the attendees’ responses on Twitter:

Matt McGee took the stage for his ‪“Evolving State of SEO” ‬Keynote, discussing the Google “Zoo” of updates, penguin, etc…  You can view Matt McGee’s slidedeck here.

Dr. Robert Williams’ (Hubble Deep Field Image Photographer) presented his Keynote on “Why It’s Mission Critical to Take Risks” at MivaCon 2014.

MivaCon Day 2 Keynotes were presented by Evan Fishkin, Anne F. Kennedy & Larry Osborne:

Evan Fishkins kicked off the second morning with his keynote on structured data and “How Schema.org impacts Your SEO.”

“International Search, Social Marketing and Emerging Markets” keynote was presented by Anne Kennedy.

Larry Osborne ended the Keynote morning session with a great presentation on “Vision Leaks: Finding It & Casting It.”

“What are you saying NO to right now, in order to say YES to your vision and goal?”

To view these Keynotes in their entirety, visit Miva Merchant’s YouTube Page.

The Blades Awards Winners

One of the most exciting aspects of the show was giving our Blades Awards for excellence in ecommerce to four very deserving stores.

The categories this year were: Most Compelling Story, Most Innovative Product, Best Website, and Best Feature.

Most Compelling Story went to Bedwetting Store,  Most Innovative Product went to Avian Fashions,  Best Website went to HeadBlade, and Mignon Faget took home the Best Feature award.

Congratulations to all our winners and nominees – and a big thank you to all our attendees who made MivaCon 2014 so much fun!

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