MMUI to CSSUI Conversion Tool Module

If your store was built on the aging MMUI framework, there is now a module that helps convert over to the more modern CSSUI framework. Its main purpose is for migrating a Miva Merchant store that was built with the MMUI framework over to a modern CSSUI framework setup. The process of moving a Miva Merchant store from MMUI to CSSUI is technically involved and is not a one step process.

This tool should not be used on a live store. A development store should be created for this process, before attempting to use this conversion tool. If Miva is your web host you can contact support and they will set you up with a Dev Store that mirrors your live store. Once you have the Dev Store set up you can begin your conversion. When migrating a store with this method, all existing template code will be overwritten, meaning all custom HTML and CSS will be deleted, and its likely any third-party modules will be impacted. Store data will be retained, so all categories, products, customers, orders, etc, will be left intact.

When converting an MMUI to CSSUI the process can be broken down into two phases:

  1. The first phase you’ll be working in your development copy of your store so you can make the changes and the edits you need to make without impacting your live store.

Here’s a sample of the old MMUI framework before we install the new CSSUI framework:

Once you have run the Conversion Wizard and checked your store functions correctly with the new CSSUI framework, you are now free to install a ReadyTheme responsive template and customize your store pages to suit your design needs.

  1. In the second phase, you’ll take the newly converted store data changes and the custom template changes you’ve made and import it into a live store.

Here’s what your site might look like after installing the new CSSUI Framework and installing one of our ReadyThemes:

To help you through this process, we have a step-by-step video tutorial that goes over the what you need to do to ensure the conversion goes smoothly. We also have pdf documentation for the process as well. 

Happy converting!