Responsive Miva Themes with Unlimited Possibilities-Part I



Are you a startup business needing to create a professional looking website, but don’t necessarily have the time or budget to do so? Well, for those of you who haven’t tried out our new ReadyThemes yet – we’re excited to tell you about the ease of use and endless possibilities our new ReadyThemes offer.

We currently have five FREE ReadyThemes in our App store available for download now. Four that come with a theme:

Iron and Wool
Iron and Wool Ready Theme


One that has a basic layout meant mainly for Developers

Base ReadyTheme

All of our ReadyThemes are Responsive Ready for mobile devices, beautiful and super easy to use. We have video tutorials to walk you through the customozation process, as well as online documentation guiding you step by step. You might say, “With a ReadyTheme, won’t my site look like everyone else’s?” and our answer is always, “no!” One ReadyTheme framework can be customized to stand out from the rest. In all of our Frameworks you have complete freedom to change the background colors, the promo images, headlines, fonts, font colors, as well as update your logo so that any ReadyTheme you chose will take on the look and feel of your own products and store.

For example:

Here’s the Suivant ReadyTheme we offer followed by a couple examples of customization.

Coolest Shoes
Craft Store Mockup

We have ReadyThemes with drop down menus, category trees, custom fields (new, hot and sale), themes made for product heavy stores or others made for a store with just a few products. We will also continue to work on new designs in the future and plan on having a ReadyTheme Marketplace where you will be able to purchase new Themes as well. Get started and download your ReadyTheme today. There is no time like the present! Also, watch for Part II of our ReadyTheme Blog Series.

If you need help with customization after looking at all of our online documentation and video tutorials, feel free to contact our Support Team for help.