Slow Load Times Create Demand for Responsive Webpages.


slow load times on black friday due to non-responsive mobile sitesThe Black Friday numbers are in! 3.991 and 2.954, yes we’re talking seconds. The average webpage load on a desktop took over 3 seconds and those trusty mobile devices, just under 3.  These numbers give a new perspective to the phrase “Time is money.” Best Buy would agree with that statement as they experienced what is being called a “massive outage” on Black Friday, costing them thousands and their customers left frustrated.  But Best Buy wasn’t the only big commerce store to experience issues. According to “The top 50 ecommerce websites were slower overall this year, compared to last year.” One of the most alarming numbers reported by Catchpoint Systems is, mobile webpages were 57.21% slower compared to last year. Most chalk it up to server overload but insiders know there is more to this tale.

The numbers don’t lie, but are they telling you what you need to know? You are probably wondering how the top 50 big commerce sites aren’t running at lightening speed. We believe their biggest speed bump is they’re not building responsive sites to serve mobile devices and their sites themselves are not optimized for speed.

Quick breakdown:

Responsive Websites: Use the same set of code for each device. The code styling responds to the size of the device you are using to view the website.

Mobile Websites: Although they can be viewed on many devices, smart phones, tablets etc. Each device has it’s own unique set of code.

Usually mobile sites require extra code and extra code can slow you down. The responsive sites not only free up space on the server but they can easily be implemented with the right software.

With the new Miva Merchant 9 responsive ReadyThemes the entire code base is optimized for speed across all devices. The CSS files get compressed to make the files smaller and faster to deliver.  These simple performance gains are the different between the thousands, possible hundreds of thousands dollars that were lost on Black Friday – a learning lesson to say the least. To all Miva 9 users, rest assured your site will run smoother and load faster for your customers across all devices.

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