The Big Day: 34 Million Packages Put UPS New Sorting System to the Test

The new Automated Sorting System put in place this year at 3 United Parcel Systems across the Nation is expected to hold up on the busiest shipping day of the year. UPS reported spending $500 million on the new intelligence which offers up an automated sorting system that will rapidly identify ZIP Codes and swiftly reroute packages in the event of bad weather. A hefty price tag for a hefty relief effort, in hopes to avoid last years delivery blunders. UPS execs explain the cost of the new sorting technology is a wash when compared to the $500 million/ year they save on training their employees by simplifying their tasks. The technology that not only streamlines the shipping process is also expected to shave loading times as well as rerouting efforts. New UPS Package Sorting SystemUPS Atlanta, CHRIS ALUKA BERRY FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Numbers at a glance:

  • Estimated 34 million packages to be shipped today.
  • The new automated sorting technology can process 15% more packages a day.
  • $500 million dollars spent on the new sorting technology being called "Next Generation Sort Aisle"
  • UPS invested about $2.5 billion this year on everything from a faster rollout of a proprietary mapping and routing system that shaves miles and minutes off deliveries, to a new network of lockers and retail pickup points for packages to ensure delivery on the first attempt.
  • 1,000 temporary workers hired on at UPS Atlanta’s main hub.
  • 95,000 temporary workers across the Nation.
  • Approximately 585 million packages will be handled by UPS in December of this year.
  • 11% more than last year’s package handling numbers.
  • Ecommerce accounts for 50% of those 585 million packages.

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