Winners of the Blades Ecommerce Awards 2014

Congratulations to all the nominees of the 2014 Blades Awards! All of the nominated stores have demonstrated extraordinary Ecommerce in incredible ways, and we are proud to be a part of their success stories. Here, we announce the Winners of the Blades Ecommerce Awards 2014 for each of the following categories:

The Winners of the Blades Awards 2014 are:

Most Compelling Story: Bedwetting Store

Renee Mercer decided to start her own business to focus on serving patients with bedwetting, a very common and embarrassing condition for children and parents.  Mercer’s practice drew people from all over the country, which eventually created the need for a website to teach families about bedwetting, how to cure bedwetting, and more.  Mercer’s husband, Brian, created the website and began to sell bedwetting alarms on the online "Bedwetting Store." The orders started pouring in, and they needed something to handle the orders – something more than a "Buy Now" button.  They chose Miva Merchant, which gave the Bedwetting Store many more capabilities that were easy to use. Mercer wrote the book "7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness," which is now the number one book on bedwetting worldwide. Even more, has grown into the largest seller of bedwetting products in the United States.  The Bedwetting Store generates millions in revenue each year and has helped hundreds of thousands of families overcome bedwetting.  Renee and Brian have also launched several more niche medical websites, selling everything from incontinence products to mobility devices.  “We hope to someday be the largest US supplier of home medical products. And with Miva’s help, we’re getting closer every day,” said Renee Mercer.

Most Innovative Product: The Flight Suit by Avian Fashions

Every bird owner knows it – poop happens. It’s this well-known fact plus a brilliant idea that has made the FlightSuit such a success – a product that is sold throughout the U.S. and internationally, with distributors in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Israel. FlightSuits are cleverly disguised, soft, stretchy, reusable pet bird diapers, which are easy to put on and take off of birds and are also great for travel. The fabric is breathable and easy to clean. Coupled with the disposable liners, FlightSuits can be used over and over for years. The FlightSuits can also prevent dangerous fly-aways when used with Avian Fashions’ Leash. The patented “poop-pouch” safely keeps droppings away from birds and people. Avian Fashions has appeared in newspapers, magazines and T.V. programs such as Animal Planet, National Geographic, Good Morning America and a segment on the Comedy Channel’s “The Daily Show.”  2014 marks 17 years for Avian Fashions and this bird business shows no sign of slowing down.  Avian Fashions continue to create beautiful fashions for the smallest parakeets to the largest macaws – and every bird in between!

Best Feature: Mignon Faget’s Customized Returns Page

Mignon Faget sells jewelry derived from natural and architectural forms found in the New Orleans environment.  Mignon Faget’s customized returns page allows customers to return the products within 30 days.  It allows customers to start the return online and custom print a UPS return shipping label right from their home printer. Mignon Faget wanted to create an exceptional shopping experience online for customers, and one way to do this was to provide an easy way for customers to exchange or return their product. After seeing similar functions on large corporate department store websites, Mignon Faget wanted to replicate that kind of high-level customer service as a small-medium business, while keeping it simple and easy to use. "A person who has no technical background should be able to generate and print a label. We believe we accomplished this with our new return label feature," said Mignon Faget.  The UPS label generator has filled a huge need for customers, and the Mignon Faget customer service team is also very pleased with the ease of operation of this user-friendly tool. "We’ve done so much customization on our site with MIVA,” said Faget, “such as: integration with our POS systems for order fulfillment and inventory, custom printing of UPS return labels, automatic scheduling of product imports, and our ‘add a chain’ feature and swatches for product pages are some stand outs. Miva Merchant was very flexible to help us get to where we wanted to go."

Best Website: HeadBlade

HeadBlade is a razor and company built upon one mission: to make shaving easier. President, Todd Greene, designed the world’s first headshaving razor in 1997 and started shortly after. HeadBlade has taken the head-shaving niche and created a lifestyle brand for millions of people who shave their heads.  With their newly re-designed website, has seen almost universally positive feedback from their customers about the website. The simplified design, new Video & FAQ pages, hi-resolution product photos, full-mobile support, and store locator have dramatically cut down HeadBlade’s email support requests, allowing them to focus more time on other customer service functions. The new website has also allowed HeadBlade to put the ATX system of products front and center, which helps to guide new users in the right direction.


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