Your Next Customer is Just a Few Clicks Away

Have you ever felt like your Ecommerce store is lost in the many pages of cyberspace?  Well, it may not be as lost as you think. Recent research shows that no matter what page someone is on in the entire web, they are no more than 19 clicks away from your Ecommerce store.  It turns out that everyone who goes online could be just a few clicks away from being your next customer, now that the World Wide Web is a lot smaller than we may have thought.

The findings were made by Hungarian physicist, Albert-László Barabási, according to a paper published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Perhaps this will inspire you to start link building, which is a proven way to get those customers out in the Ecommersphere to your online store.  Currently, there are approximately 14 billion existing webpages.  But don’t let that intimidate you because now you know the secret.  Hint: You are already connected; you just need to put the links out there to make your website easier to find.

The best part about these findings is that they persist at scale, meaning no matter how large the web grows, the same interconnectedness of your site to another’s will stay the same.

Barabási credits the “small world” of the web to the fact that humans tend to group into communities and that it is translating in to our cyber lives.  He assures us that they do not consist of random connections but rather a hierarchy of themes, regions, subjects, and countries.

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