2022 Camp Miva Ecommerce Experience

Miva Opening Keynote

Miva CEO Rick Wilson launches Camp Miva with a powerful talk about how today's ecommerce economy and audience has evolved in 2022, and how business leaders must adapt to keep up with those changes. Rick describes the journey leading to the most exciting product release in Miva's history, then the discussion continues with a high-level tour of Miva's latest product features, services, and strategies.

Is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Right For Your Customers?

Join Brad Glover, Director, Global Partners, PayPal, for an in-depth look at what may be the fastest growing payment feature in 2022. Review the explosive growth, understand the pros and the cons of BNPL, and see how consumers are responding to merchants who offer tools for short-term financing.

What Is Flexible Commerce? Projecting The Future Of Commerce

Cybersource/Authorize.net, the industry leading provider of payment gateway services, ran a landmark survey of more than 13,000 consumers and 3000 merchants across six countries to find out what really drives satisfaction. In this session, you'll learn how sellers and shoppers have embraced digital transformation in the total buying and selling process, identify patterns and outliers, and understand what this master trend predicts for the future of digital commerce.

All-New Page Builder Intensive Deep Dive For Developers

Page Builder - Miva 10's newest flagship feature, brings dazzling page design within reach for your entire team. This session will show you how to use its easy marketing-forward features to quickly build beautiful web pages, transforming the way you create your shopping experience. VP of Product Brennan Heyde leads a deep technical dive into how to configure and use this powerful feature.

Importance of Zero and First Party Data For Today's Digital Marketer

New iOS privacy rules and the demise of third-party cookies will shape the kind of data you can collect from your customers, and the way in which you can collect it. In this session, you'll learn how to capitalize on "first party" analytics data you observe about your audience, plus "zero party" feedback you solicit from them directly, across all of your owned channels, including Email, SMS and Web Push.

How to Avoid Common Payment Pitfalls

The past few years have seen explosive growth in the payments industry, but the massive amount of innovation has also made the choice of payments provider difficult for merchants. Payment experts REPAY lead a discussion of the latest tools for inbound and outbound payment processing, messaging, and security. You'll learn how to avoid common payment pitfalls, and identify the key factors which successful businesses consider when choosing payment providers.

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