Miva ERP Integration: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Miva helps Mignon Faget manage their manufacturing process and synchronize multi-channel sales by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Business Needs

As Mignon Faget's multi-channel sales grew, so did the complexity of their business. The company needed a way to manage their manufacturing process and synchronize online and brick & mortar sales, including:

  • Real-time visibility of inventory across the supply chain (manufacturing, distribution, sales)
  • Funneling orders (web and in-store, retail and wholesale) into one system for processing and management
  • Offering online customers an in-store pickup option
  • Providing a gift certificate system so customers could use gift certificates purchased in-store for online purchasing (and vice versa)

Systems Integrated

As part of their recent enterprise ecommerce website re-design, Miva's professional services team leveraged Miva Enterprise Connect to sync Miva Merchant with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP) that provides businesses with financial & accounting management, supply chain, manufacturing & operations management, marketing, sales & service management, project management, multi-currency, and business intelligence & reporting insights.

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As Mignon Faget's exciting multi-channel sales growth continues to expand, visibility into their supply chain and sales channels has become increasingly important. By integrating Miva Merchant and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Mignon Faget has a true end-to-end multi-channel solution to handle their complex business processes.

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Miva has powered over $100 billion in online sales for some of the most successful B2B and consumer brands in the world.

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