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Estimated Multi-Seat Billing Charges

On October 13th, 2014 we sent a letter to our customers about the new licensing model that was being released simultaneously with the launch of Version 9.

You can read a copy of that letter here: and there's a more detailed FAQ about how the process works here:

As you're aware Miva Merchant 9 was released in early November 2014.

We understand (especially for stores with heavy holiday traffic) the need to time your upgrade to Miva Merchant 9 with your business cycles.

However the new licensing model went into effect as of last month, so for people who have yet to upgrade, we're billing you directly for estimated license seat usage. Our estimates are based on our license management reports and should be highly accurate.

sautonomous control over the number of seats you're using.

In the meantime, we will be running a report on the first of each month and anyone who has yet to upgrade to Version 9 will receive a manual bill for the prior month's estimated seat usage.

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