Miva 10.01

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As the latest release of the Miva ecommerce platform, Miva 10.01 is the result of Miva's commitment to excellence and creating an unbeatable experience–for you and your customers. Miva 10.01 introduces powerful new features and improvements to help you sell more, work smarter, and stand out from the competition.

Customer Dashboard Find the customer information you need fast.

Access critical customer information quickly with an at-a-glance view of your customer's record. The new, unified customer activity view works great for customer service and sales representatives who want to quickly reference important customer data like average order value, number of orders, and lifetime spend.

Customer service teams now have a dashboard overview of a customer's activity on hand, making for fast and informed issue resolution and support. Sales representatives can similarly use the dashboard view to quickly make knowledgeable and accurate recommendations based on the customer's history and needs.

Animated GIF of the Miva admin scrolling down.

Copy Product Quickly and easily add new products.

Add products to your catalog and store faster than ever before by copying existing products. The new Copy Product functionality lets you and your team copy any and all of the attributes of an existing product and modify them as needed, creating a new product in a fraction of the time it would take starting from scratch.

Merchants can also create a variety of rules to determine which product data is copied when creating a new product, ensuring that only accurate and relevant attributes are carried over.

Copy Product dialog. Has product name, code, sku, and Product Rule options.

Expanded Search Rules Help your shoppers find exactly what they're looking for.

Drive sales and encourage product discovery with smarter and more accurate product search results. With improved and expanded search settings, merchants now have greater control over what customers see when they use on-site search.

Screenshot of Global Settings in Miva admin, with expanded search rules popped out.

Redis Full-Page Caching Make a great first impression.

Attract more traffic and capture shoppers during critical moments with better SEO and fast page loads. The updated Redis cache module makes for easier implementation, improving website speed and, subsequently, your search engine ranking.

With this Redis module update, merchants can enjoy the benefits of Redis full-page caching: a faster website, improved SEO, lower bounce rates, and more sales.

Illustration of a webpage, displayed just in gray blocks, with a loading icon on top.

Item-Level Sales Tax Streamline refunds and returns.

Improve accuracy and streamline your returns process with item-level tax data. Merchants who use real-time sales tax services can now communicate better tax data to their back office systems and enjoy easier refund processes.

Screenshot showing item-level sales tax. Each line item in the basket is shown with different tax amounts.

Order Workflows Save time with automated payments and refunds.

Easily automate your payment capture and refund processing using Miva's order workflows. This new addition to the order workflow functionality expands merchants' ability to automate critical business processes, saving time and minimizing error.

Screenshot of Payment Actions dialog. Has options to Capture or Refund automatic payments.

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You may choose to install this release at will – we never force upgrades on our member sites. Full NCF/EOL policy: After the 90-day standard update (or 30-day security update) release period, Miva Merchant software becomes officially "Non-Compliant" with PCI Data Security Standards. Miva charges a $75 monthly "Non-Compliance Fee" (NCF) until your Miva Merchant software is updated. This fee applies to each instance of outdated Miva Merchant software (e.g. development sites). After 12 months of standard update NCF status (or 4 months of security update NCF status), Miva Merchant software becomes "End of Life" (EOL) which incurs an additional $50 fee ($125 total) per month, per domain. This policy applies to all instances of Miva Merchant software, whether hosted on Miva's servers or with another hosting company. View the Full Upgrade/NCF Policy Here.

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