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Miva 10.03

Empowering merchants, delighting customers.

Built to help you dazzle customers at every turn.

As the latest release of the Miva ecommerce platform, Miva 10.03 is the result of Miva's commitment to excellence and creating an unbeatable experience–for you and your customers. Miva 10.03 introduces powerful expansions of Miva's flagship features developed from customer feedback and designed to increase conversion rates and make it easier than ever to manage your store.

Next-Gen Managed Quotes Create intelligent quotes for any customer.

Miva's Managed Quotes have been empowering businesses for years and are proven to win sales. Managed Quotes enable conversations between you and your customers, encouraging purchases and delivering a peerless quoting experience.

This new release further expands Miva's Managed Quotes based on customer feedback. Managed Quotes now works seamlessly with your Price Group discounts, applying customer-specific pricing automatically. You can now view existing pre-negotiated prices for any customer and leverage them in your quotes.

Add dynamically-calculated shipping rates or apply custom shipping charges as needed. With expanded Managed Quotes functionality, merchants have even more control over how quotes are created, delivered, and converted to orders.

Native Subscriptions Ecommerce's most powerful native subscription tool just got better.

Subscriptions are wildly popular among online shoppers and are one of the best ways to boost customer spend and extend customer lifetime value. Miva's native subscriptions work seamlessly, require no third party, and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

With this release, Miva's native Subscriptions just got better. Offer self-service subscription options on any product, encourage loyalty with a seamless automatic reordering experience, and enjoy greater control over how failed subscription authorization and invalid shipping information is handled.

Variant Data for Combination Facets Supercharge your product discovery.

Use your existing product data your way. Merchants can now choose to use product variant data in combination facets (like Year/Make/Model) helping customers find the exact product they need as quickly as possible.

Flexible Checkout APIs Build a better, more flexible checkout experience.

Miva developers can now leverage new API functions to fine-tune the checkout process, offering customers greater flexibility and a faster checkout experience.

Request Partial Pages As JSON or HTML Faster and more flexible website development.

Miva developers can now request any page component as JSON or HTML, giving you just the data you need in the format you want.

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Affirm Integration Offer flexible payments with Affirm.

Miva 10.03 expands our completely native integration with buy now, pay later solution Affirm. This new integration brings Affirm's smart pay-over-time technology to Miva, giving you more tools for increasing online sales and reaching new customers.

Working with Affirm customers, Miva has developed this integration to add more features, deliver enhanced analytics, support promotional messaging, and provide in-admin support for Void/Capture/Refund transactions.

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