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Miva 10.07

Empowering merchants, delighting customers.

Precision tools to serve customers brilliantly.

Miva 10.07, the latest release of the Miva ecommerce platform, delivers powerful new tools to help merchants achieve maximum results while serving customers an unparalleled shopping experience. Drawing upon merchant feedback, Miva 10.07 offers sophisticated enhancements to Miva core features, with the goal of making Miva stores faster, more effective, and easier to manage.

Template Branch Isolation Improvements Versatile development and website staging.

In this release, template branch editing has been improved for safe, easy, and flexible development and staging of website changes.

Our vision is to enable seamless multi-developer workstreams and make dev sites only necessary for testing software upgrades. Template Branch resources are branch-specific and changes you make to a branch during development won't impact production files. Changes to template branches include tracking & versioning of Local File CSS and JavaScript Resources and versioning of Flex Components.

Animated illustration of person at a desk and using Miva's Template Branch feature.

Support for Level 2 & 3 Payment Data More affordable payment processing.

In this release, Miva supports more affordable payment processing by enabling level 2 & 3 payment data in CyberSource, & Braintree. This allows merchants to leverage order data to get discounts on interchange fees with Visa/Mastercard. To learn more about Miva and Level 2/3 Payments, contact our Payments Team at [email protected].

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Screenshot of payment information inputs.

New Checkout APIs More freedom to change your checkout flows.

Miva 10.07 gives you full control of how you implement your Miva checkout, with new API functions that give merchants the flexibility to serve the most relevant checkout experience for customers.

New checkout APIs allow Bill To and Ship To fields to be separated on different checkout pages. This flexibility, plus runtime functions to initiate checkout and validate addresses, lets you deliver a fine-tuned checkout experience which aligns precisely with how your customers prefer to purchase.

Screenshot of shopping cart and available add-on items.

New Password & Authentication Tools Guaranteeing data security just got a lot more convenient.

Miva 10.07 delivers new methods for resetting admin passwords and forcing 2-factor authentication, giving your team more control to self-manage site security and prevent lock-outs at any hour of day or night.

Forgot Password dialogue.

Google Analytics 4 Integration Miva Now Supports Google Analytics 4

The next generation of Google Analytics is here! Starting July 1, Google Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data and new data will only be processed through Google Analytics 4 properties.

If you are currently using Google Analytics with your Miva Store you will most likely have to make updates to support GA4. We have created a step-by-step guide to allow developers and tech savvy Miva Store administrators to achieve this migration in four steps:

  1. Setup Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  2. Setup Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  3. Configure your Miva Store
  4. Test and Go Live

To facilitate the migration from GA to GA4, Miva has put together a Google Analytics 4 migration and implementation guide. Click to learn more.

For more background information see:

Google Analytics 4 logo.

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