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The more your online business grows, the more integrations can feel like an uphill battle...that's why Miva is expanding into the ecommerce integration space–starting with NetSuite.

Miva is in a unique position to create a seamless flow of data between our platform and NetSuite. We've invested heavily in creating a suite of highly customizable integration flows to form the best possible foundation for any Miva to NetSuite integration.

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Why Choose Miva Connect for NetSuite Integration?

The Miva Connect NetSuite integration service does what third party integrations cannot, establishing robust and scalable best practice data flows between Miva and NetSuite.

  • Data integration supporting what makes your business unique without the price tag of a ground-up build.
  • 24/7* maintenance and support with all your platform and integration support under one roof.

    *24/7/365 support for site down and other site emergencies. Standard requests will be addressed Mon-Sat from 7am-10pm ET.

  • An integration partnership with a company already committed to your success.
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Are you a Miva customer considering NetSuite or a NetSuite customer ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level? Let's talk.

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