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Miva Merchant Licensing

October 8, 2014

We're changing the way we license Miva Merchant

Starting with the release date of Version 9 this fall, Miva will be adopting a per administrative seat pricing model.

Miva Merchant Admin Seats will cost $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User per month.

You will not be charged for the number of users that you create, but you will be restricted to the number of simultaneous logins that can access the Miva Merchant back end based on the number of seats you've purchased.

Over the past year we've studied usage behavior of Miva Merchant and the new pricing model will have no material financial impact on approximately 80% of our users.

This change aligns our pricing with usage of our product and allows us to continue serving the broad range of clients that use Miva Merchant, from small home based businesses, to large Internet Retailer 500 Companies.

This will ensure that we are able to deliver enterprise level features and performance without pricing smaller customers off of our platform. Most of our large clients started out as small clients that succeeded over time and we're committed to fostering that type of entrepreneurial success.

While Version 9 is the most significant update in the history of Miva Merchant, it's just the beginning.

Our roadmap has never been more exciting and this change will allow Miva to continue evolving in ways that directly help you grow your business and further your success!

Russ Carroll

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