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MivaCon Ecommerce Masterclass

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Opening Keynote: Our Mission and the Future of Miva

Miva CEO Rick Wilson is joined by members of the Miva executive leadership team to kick off MivaCon Ecommerce Masterclass in the finest of MivaCon tradition: with a high-energy, dynamic opening keynote address on everything Miva. Get the inside scoop on what the future holds for Miva and our merchant community and how we're going to take on the changing world of ecommerce together.

PayPal Presents: Turning Browsers into Buyers

In this session, Miva's partners at PayPal demonstrate how online sellers can make the most out of every visit to their site with PayPal's powerful payment solutions.

Sales tax planning for holiday 2021: 5 Steps to stay compliant

Trends point to increased sales both online and in physical stores as customer confidence rebounds. Now's the time to maximize as many selling channels as possible to reach customers. In this session from Miva partner Avalara, you'll learn the reasons retailers should add sales tax compliance to their holiday prep plans and five steps to stay compliant.

The First 90 Days: Field-Tested Site Launch Strategies For Agencies and Developers

A successful ecommerce website launch starts far in advance of the actual launch day. In this session, Miva's launch team guide developers through their proven "preflight" and post-launch checklists, taking a deep dive into the strategies and systems that comprise a successful site launch. Watch now for actionable pre-launch, launch day, and post-launch tips and a Q&A with members of Miva's launch team.

Template Branches for Marketers

Is your marketing team getting the most out of Miva Template Branches? Miva VP of Product Brennan Heyde demonstates how Miva's Template Branches can maximize marketing agility and help your business seize opportunities as they come.

The 3 Strategies to Increase Your CLTV in 2021 with Email Marketing

Using CLTV email strategies makes it easy to nurture customers and establish a long term relationship so they buy from you. Not just once, but for years. In this session from Miva partner Sendlane, you'll find out how to understand your Most Valuable Customer and what hyper-personalization can do for your email marketing strategy.

Product Walkthrough: Page Builder

Miva's product team leads an in-depth visual walkthrough of Page Builder and explores its various use cases. Ecommerce sales representatives, marketers, developers, and everyone else looking for the best way to create and launch fast, effective pages are encouraged to watch this visual walkthrough and subsequent Q&A.

How the E-Commerce Boom is Driving Digital Transformation in Compliance and Beyond

The pandemic has brought about seismic market shifts across the globe in every industry. With so much uncertainty and change, companies of all sizes have had to reset, rethink, and reprioritize plans for digital transformation (DX).

Dragonproof Principles: Ecommerce Masterclass

Don't fear the dragon! Miva CEO Rick Wilson leads an exclusive masterclass inspired by his upcoming "Dragonproof Principles" book, which identifies the 10 core principles that fuel every successful business. Watch this recorded session and Q&A with Rick to get a look at the second installment of the Dragonproof series and learn how to apply these principles to a competitive commercial landscape which has been reshaped by unprecedented forces.

Email Best Practices: Personalized 1:1 Messaging at Scale using Data Driven Cross-Channel Campaigns

Email is still going strong! This session includes a brief history of email and how Listrak's marketing automation platform combined with the power of Miva creates high ROI customer journeys across multiple channels based on best practice customer case-studies.

Your Miva 10 Questions Answered

Miva's product team answers user questions about Miva 10 and demonstrates the use of various essential features within Miva.

2022 Miva Conference Preview

New year. New look. New con.

MivaCon Ecommerce Masterclass 2021 was made possible by our sponsors. Thank you for making the event a success!

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