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MivaPaySecurity. Convenience. Control.

MivaPay is a secure credit card vault that works in conjunction with your payment gateway to simplify PCI compliance.

A safe, versatile way to store and use payment information.

Intuitive wallet features allow customers to effortlessly save payment info and reuse saved cards for new, repeat, and subscription orders. MivaPay works seamlessly with all major credit card payment options across all major payment gateways supported by Miva:

  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • PayPal Commerce Platform
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Cybersource
  • Braintree

Automated alerts for expired cards increase successful transactions.

Faster Checkouts. Easy Reorders.

One-click purchasing, mobile optimization, and secure card storage makes checkout a snap.

Account and order-level saved cards allow merchants to add to existing orders, reference past orders, and complete reorders as needed.

Maximize sales and drive loyalty with dynamic subscription tools.

Easily turn any product into a self-service, auto-renewing subscription to skyrocket Customer Lifetime Value.

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Easier PCI Compliance

With MivaPay, merchants are only required to complete the SAQ-A form, the easiest of all PCI compliance forms.

Take Control With MivaPay

Easy Reauthorization

Add to existing orders and reauthorize expired authorizations with order-level saved credit cards

Streamlined Reordering

Quickly reference and reorder past orders using the same payment card

Ultimate Flexibility

Leverage Miva's Payments API to allow any external system to Authorize, Charge, Void or Refund against a saved card

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*Pricing is based on your current Miva ecommerce plan. MivaPay works with both SaaS and on-premise Miva Merchant installations and requires Miva Merchant 9.6+

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