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The All-New
Miva PageBuilder

Miva's no code website builder. Your business, your way.

Screenshot of PageBuilder inside of Miva admin. Screenshot of image options available. Screenshot of a page built with PageBuilder on a mobile device.

Move fast and sell things.

PageBuilder's suite of page design features give your business the ultimate advantage: time. It has never been faster or easier to create an outstanding shopping experience for your customers.

Marketers meet your match.

Miva's PageBuilder has been designed specifically for the marketer, with exceptional ease-of-use and fast access to the most common ecommerce marketing pages, promotions, and features.

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No code? No problem.

With Miva's website builder, knowledge of HTML/CSS is not required for creating unique, beautiful, standards-compliant shopping experiences which connect with shoppers and deliver results.

Animation of PageBuilder in admin.

Configurable page components give you total flexibility

Responsive PageBuilder components are the versatile building blocks of outstanding website pages. Select and configure banners, sliders, carousels, images, text, video, and more.

Icon illustrating component customization

Choose from a selection of pre-designed components

Sculpt your dream page with a full suite of the most popular site page elements.

Icon illustrating component sizing

Customize elements to fit your website's needs

Take control over color, spacing, content, and more to customize components so that they're just right

Screenshot of adding a component. Blue color burst

Reusable layouts make it easy to build every page your business relies upon.

Choose from a library of pre-designed page layouts, or create your own. Drag & drop re-ordering makes it easy to build, modify, save, and re-use any layout on your site.

Make Stunning Landing Pages.

Don't reinvent the wheel every time you update your site.

Save valuable time by adapting and reusing components, layouts, and pages throughout the year. Already built a Black Friday promotion? Simply update the content and repurpose those pages in the spring. And by scheduling page content to launch in the future, you can work in advance and avoid the holiday rush.

Animation showing admin of PageBuilder.

Ensure your vision with sophisticated Live Preview

Use PageBuilder's Live Preview to see how scheduled elements will display at a future date and time, confirm that complex price, coupon, and group rules work as intended, and ensure that pages dazzle on every device.

Animation showing mobile editing within PageBuilder. Blue color burst

Learn more about how PageBuilder can revolutionize the way you sell.


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