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Warehouse/Inventory Management

Avectous Integrated Software: complete warehouse fulfillment execution

Avectous Integrated Software is a warehouse management cloud fulfillment solution. We are a SaaS provider of fulfillment technologies handling inbound and outbound warehouse operations and order management for any business. Avectous offers a complete, simple, and cost-effective integration of sales channels, orders, and warehouse processes.

Company Overview

Avectous has 20+ years of expertise to help you take control of your warehouse. Our expertise comes from implementing WMS solutions at multiple Fortune 100 corporations. Our proprietary software integrates to any platform, allowing for optimal adaptability and customization. The direct in-house communication between our customers and our developers allow us to rapidly evolve and configure software to meet client needs.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel integration connects directly to each of your sales channels
  • Supports B2C, B2B & 3PL fulfillment
  • Pre-manifesting allows you to send tracking information to customers as soon as orders are received
  • Accommodates complex warehouse processes such as kitting, cross docking, and slotting
  • Automated metrics to monitor labor activity, sales velocity, and forecasting
  • Real-time inventory management to track your inventory along every step of your fulfillment process
  • Supports unlimited users, companies, and warehouses
  • Conveyor, A-Frame, pick/put-to-light system, etc. compatibility

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