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CoLinear Systems was founded in 1985 to design and develop an application for mail-order management. Since its introduction, the RESPONSE order processing software package has consistently led the market of high-volume, multi-user, order processing and fulfillment solutions across multiple channels.

Company Overview

RESPONSE expertly handles phone, mail order, retail and internet orders in a seamless, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner. One fully integrated system tying together all aspects of every sales channel and serving thousands of users worldwide. RESPONSE allows you to do more with less and streamlines your order management and fulfillment operations, giving you affordable depth and flexibility normally found in only the most expensive order management solutions.

Key Features

  • Automatically connects to your Miva website (and other sales channels), downloads and begins the processing of your web orders, notifying the site when downstream activities occur such as packing/shipping/tracking.
  • Tracks inventory and allocates in real time across multiple warehouses using smart algorithms and efficient pick paths, keeping all channels up to date with on-hand, available quantities, and expected receipts in the process.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your shipping carrier of choice and provides rate-shopping, label printing, and consolidated/negotiated rate capabilities.
  • Matches customer activity to promotions to track the effectiveness of your catalog/email/post campaigns.
  • Provides a multi-channel customer service experience allowing you to get to the data you need in a centralized system, providing detail from not only your web storefront but insight into buying behaviors of your house file across all channels, product movement from purchase order to fulfillment, customizable reporting and full query access to the database, and much much more. In short Response provides comprehensive management of your entire order workflow.

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